DASA Scheme 2020 – 21 Details

14 January 2020

DASA scheme will be coordinated by National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal for the year 2020-21. From DASA 2021-22 onwards, admissions will be based on JEE Main ranks.
Previous Year (Year 2019-20) DASA Brochure
Previous Year (Year 2019-20) DASA Institute-wise Seat Matrix
DASA Scheme 2019 FAQs
Please find below SAT2 Cut-off marks for various institutes under DASA for Round 1 of the last year 2019-20
  DASA 2019-20- First Cut-off SAT2 Scores
Sr No. DASA-Institute CSE ECE Mech IT EEE
1 NIT-T (Trichy) 2400 2400 2400 2380 2400 2360     2390 2200
2 NIT-K (Surathkal) 2400 2400 2400 2360 2400 2270 2400 2400 2400 2280
3 IIIT-Delhi 2400 2400 2390 2310            
4 NIT- W (Warangal) 2400 2400 2400 2240 2350 2170     2340 1830
5 NIT-C (Calicut) 2400 2400 2390 2180 2300 1830     2260 1880
6 DTU 2400 2360 2360 2080 2380 2060 2380 2330 2080 1860
7 VNIT Nagpur 2400 2380 2330 2040 2260 1830     2090  
8 NSIT-Delhi 2400 2340 2200 1810     2350 2250    
9 NIT-Rourkela 2400 2340 2180 2170 2280 1920        
10 IIIT-Allahabad 2260 1980     2400 2310    
11 IIIT-Chennai 2400 2250 2010 2070 2030 2210        
12 SVNIT Surat 2400 2210 2150 1970 2110 1910     1950  
13 IIIT Shibpur 2400 2070     1850     1830    
14 NIT Jaipur 2390 1890 2140 1800 2030 1980        
15 MNNIT-Alh 2380 2250 2030 1800 1970 1800 2270 2110 1860  
16 NIT-AP 2380 2010              
17 NIT Delhi 2330 2090 1990 1960         1800  
18 NIT-Goa 2300 2080 1920 1880         2220  
19 MANIT-Bhopal 2290 2060 1830 1970 1980 2030        
20 NIT Silchar 2280 2070                
21 NIT-Kuru 2250 2180 1940       2330 1960    
22 IIIT Kottayam 2240 2060                
23 NIT Puducherry 2200 1860                
24 NIT-Durgapur 2190 1930 2120   1890          
25 PEC- Chandigarh 2190 1900 2110   1940 2090        
26 NIT-Hamirpur 2140              
27 NIT Raipur 2130 1960                
28 IIIT Lucknow 2120         1890      
29 IIIT Jabalpur 2100 1840                
30 IIIT Gwalior 2040 1820                
31 NIT Jalandhar 2040                  
32 IIIT Vadodara 1990                  
33 IIIT Chittoor 1840 2350              
34 NIT-Jamshedpur 1800 1920              

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DASA NIT 2020-21 Admission Page
IIIT Hyderabad DASA Scheme 2020-21 Admission Page


1 January 2019

DASA 2019 announcement is due now anytime. In the past, DASA scheme announcements have been made between 15 Dec to 7 Feb. Therefore, it is fair to expect the announcement sometime in mid-January. I do not expect much changes in DASA 2019 rules from last year considering this is an election year and no government wishes to tweak things. The current govt is anyways considered pro-NRIs. So stay calm and just focus on your SAT2 scores and board exams.

DASA 2018-19- First Cut-off SAT2 Scores

Below please find an easy-to-refer-format of the First Round Cut-off list. Yet again the top 4 DASA institutes remain NIT-T, NIT-K, IIIT-D and DTU.

DASA 2018-19- First Cut-off SAT2 Scores
DASA-Institute CSE ECE Mech IT EEE
NIT-T (Trichy) 2400 2400 2380 2350 2390 2350     2380 2260
NIT-K (Surathkal) 2400 2400 2380 2360 2390 2340 2380 2340 2340 2260
IIIT-Delhi 2400 2400 2390 2300       2340    
DTU 2400 2380 2380 2230 2400 2250 2360 2350 2070 2220
NIT- W (Warangal) 2400 2350 2330 2230 2310 2220     2270 2110
NIT-C (Calicut) 2400 2340 2260 2120 2300 2270     2250 1990
NSIT-Delhi 2400 2380 2060 2230 2180 2140 1970 2330    
IIIT-Chennai 2390 2220 2380 1900 2200 1930        
NIT Jaipur 2380 2260 2180 1810 2080 1920     2080  
VNIT Nagpur 2360 2290 2260 2050 2320 2140     2210 1910
IIIT-Allahabad     2130 1850     2360 2220    
MNNIT-Alh 2360 2230 2100 1820 2180 2150 2230 2090 1930  
NIT Delhi 2340 1970 2020 1950         2010  
SVNIT Surat 2310 2130 2110 1910 2100 1850     1800 1910
NIT-Durgapur 2280 2060 2140   1910          
NIT-Goa 2280 2060 1910           1860  
MANIT-Bhopal 2260 1910     2020          
NIT-Hamirpur 2240 2260 1900     1800        
NIT-Rourkela 2110 2090 1960 1970 2030 1940     1980  
NIT-AP 2010 1810     1900          
PEC- Chandigarh 1840 2070   1830 2170 1950        
NIT-Jamshedpur   1960     1810          
NIT-Kuru   1950 1800   2080     1800   1810
Note: Above is the List of Main Institutes Under DASA Scheme    


DASA Scheme for  year 2017 – 2018 has seen more changes per below:

1) CIWG fee has been reduced to Rs125000 per year.

2) New applicants who had not applied by 12 June can now apply until 22 June 2017. New applicants are advised to send the SAT scores to VNIT (Institute code:7035) by the RUSH mechanism only.

Previously, DASA 2017 had relaxed residential requirement to 2 YEARS, i.e. 11 &12th from overseas for NRIs (was 5 years out of 8 years). Moreover, minimum SAT2 score requirement was fixed as 1800.

The below posts have ranking of colleges by branch, choice filling strategies, general information about DASA scheme and relative ranking of NITs/IIITs by JEE-Main candidates..

DASA Scheme- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ranking of Engineering Institutes Revealed !

Note: Considering that DASA result would be out on 30 June, I feel there is no purpose responding to queries relating to “tell if I can get ABC seat with given SAT score”. Please do not write such queries as the same will not be published.


Can I get an Upgrade Seat in Round 2?

I am receiving a lot of queries asking if I can get an upgrade seat. On this I could only provide general guidance based on last years’ experience (last year the cut-off really didn’t drop by even 10 points in top7-8 colleges). In case someone has better idea on this, I would publish that here:

Round 1 Cut-off -> Expected SAT2 Score Drop in cutoff

>2350 -> 0-10

2300-2350 -> 0-20

2200-2290 -> 0-30

2000-2190 -> 0-40

<2000 -> 0-60

As far as Internal Sliding is concerned, no one can predict that- so my request is not to rely on that stroke of luck as one of your main option. As earlier noted, I would be deleting all queries relating to internal sliding as it is not worth deliberating/ arriving at probabilities etc. 6 June As the result of DASA 2016 draws closer, I take this opportunity to wish You All the Best for Your Future Career. Students please keep in mind that this is just a start of the long road ahead- success of which depends solely on the individual students. My heart pains when I hear real stories of students diverting their focus on ‘other stuff’ and repeating years in college and wasting hard-earned money of their parents. Success comes only to those who believe in themselves and are prepared to win. Forget about quitting, And think only about winning. Keep running no matter what. Belief and courage is all you need. Go ahead and do it, I bet you‘ll be the winner. Best of luck to you! ——- DASA Scheme 2016-17 application portal is open from 1st April. DASA Scheme 2016-17 updated Brochure and seat matrix are also available. The major change in DASA scheme for 2016-17 is allocation of 1/3 seats for Gulf NRIs (CIWG) and resident Indian fee ($700 per semester) is applicable for these seats. For non-CIWG seats, the applicable fee of $4000 per sem is applicable. I request candidates to read DASA 2016 Brochure and DASA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at below links prior to asking questions on this blog: DASA 2016 Brochure DASA FAQ DASA 2015 Round-1-to4-Cutoff Note: Please note that the Gulf NRIs have two options in DASA Admission Portal: 1) Apply only for CIWG Seats 2) Apply for both CIWG and Normal seats. Choose the option per your preference. Note:

  1. SAT2 scores of May are expected to be out by mid-June as per CollegeBoard. As per DASA rules, scores received until 1 June shall be considered for Round 1 to 3. Therefore, scores of May exam can only be considered for Round 4 and Spot.
  2. The best scores of PCM shall be considered by DASA. Please note that it is not necessary that all 3 subjects are given in a single day. Even if all 3 subject tests tests are given in a single day, if a candidate had best score in Maths in Oct, Phy in Nov and Chemistry in Dec, all the best scores  from Oct, Nov & Dec shall be considered together by DASA.
  3. Expected cut-off of DASA 2016 is given above for top 15 colleges. For rest of the colleges/branch, please take guidance from last years cut-off here.

3 April 2016

Queries Relating to IIIT-Hyd I have received many emails asking for comparison of various NITs with IIIT-Hyd. Kindly note that I cannot reply each query relating to comparison of different NITs with IIITH. In this regard, please note my following personal views:

  1. Non-CIWG Candidates: IIITH CSE is better than all colleges under DASA scheme. If you have score of 2370 onwards- you can hope to get CSE branch this year.
  2. I do not suggest any branch other than CSE in IIITH (CLD, ECE etc. etc.). If you have done some research on these 5 year-branches then , please go ahead (I respect your views but please respect my right to have different position in this regard and do not ask repeatedly same question if XYZ NIT is better than IIITH-CLD/XYZ)
  3. Those students who have scored less than 2300 in SAT and somehow hoping to get into IIIT-Hyd CLD/CND/XYZ); please note: the academic pressure and demand in IIIT-Hyd is very high and students below 2300 score typically would find extremely difficult to survive. This fact is very difficult to explain to parents since as parents we naturally over-estimate the capabilities of our wards.
  4. CIWG Candidates: If you get into NITK, DTU, NITT, IIITD, NITW, NSIT please save your $$$$ and choose DASANIT over IIITH. Obviously, if you are financially well-off and do not care much about $$$$, you really don’t need any advice what to choose- IIITH is a good option. If you can’t get into these NITs, you probably cannot get into IIITH- so the comparison is even not required.

My apologies for being straight forward and blunt. Sometimes this is the only way to put the message across. 4 April 2016 Institute Tier-wise Ranking My suggested preferences for CSE, Mech and ECE (each category below for CSE has big gap between them; the college that first appears in the same category is marginally better): CSE 1) IIIT-Hyd 2) DTU=NITK=NITT=NITW=IIIT-D=NSIT (choose anyone depending on convenience) 3) NIT Calicut=MNNIT (choose anyone depending on convenience) 4) MNIT=NIT-Delhi=VNIT=SVNIT=PEC=IIIT-A Mech: 1) DTU 2) NITT=NITK=NITW 3) MNNIT=NITC 4) MNIT=SVNIT=PEC ECE 1) NITK=NITT=NITW=IIIT-Hyd=IIIT-Delhi 2) IIIT-A= VNIT=MNNIT=NITC=DCE=NSIT=NITD 3) MANIT=MNIT=SVNIT Other Branches: Please choose in the order of SAT2 Cut-off score for 2015-16 provided in below tables (higher SAT 2 cut-off being better institute). Generally- NITK=DTU=NITT=NITW NSIT=NITC=MNNIT=NITD MNIT=VNIT=SVNIT=PEC   Choice Filling: Normal(Non-CIWG) 1) Apply for 1/3 options (say 1-10th choice out of your total 30 (assumed)) for colleges/branches that look slightly difficult to get. There is obviously no need for colleges/branches that had cut-off of 2400 and if your score is 2250. 2) Apply for middle 1/3 options (say 11-20th ) for colleges/branches where you could just about get the seat last year or you are expected to get seat this year. 3) Apply for last 1/3 options (say 21-30th ) for colleges/branches where you could very easily get the seat last year or you are expected to get easily this year. Please understand the importance of these last choices just like top/middle choices. There were occasions in previous years where the cut-off suddenly jumped by 40-50 points. Students who had not planned for this eventuality/didn’t apply for lower tier colleges were not allotted any institute because of very few choices given by them on the portal. I strongly suggest to utilize as many choices as possible. CIWG Candidates Choice filling for both CIWG and Normal seats would be very personal affair. This involves the financial background of the person, the amount of love towards money or quality etc etc. However, examples could be given, say for CSE (just example, do not treat it as my personal preference- I really wish all to think about their own background and choose- there are no good templates) Choice 1-9: CIWG CSE: DTU, NITK, NITT, NITW, IIITD, NSIT, NITK-IT, DTU-IT, DTU-SE (hypothetical reasoning: I am a north Indian and say my child has reservations to go to NITC) Choice 10-14: Normal CSE: DTU, NITK, NITT, NITW, IIITD (Suppose I want SVNIT/VNIT/MNNIT-CIWG better than NSIT-normal, So NSIT not included) Choice 15-21: CIWG CSE: VNIT, SVNIT, MNNIT,MNIT, NITD, PEC, IIIT-A Choice 22-29 Normal: NSIT, VNIT, SVNIT, MNNIT,MNIT, NITD, PEC, IIIT-A Choice 30-36: CIWG CSE:NIT-Dgp, NIT-Rk, NIT-H,NIT-Kuru, NIT-Jal, MANIT, NIT-Goa 4th Round Expectations

  • DASA do not publish seat matrix of what can be available in the 4th round. Therefore, please do not ask what would be available in the 4th round.
  • Generally, top branches (CSE, ECE, Mech, IT) in top 15 colleges are not available. But some exception do happen every year that cannot be predicted.
  •  Generally, low demand branches (Biotech, Arch, electrical, civil, metallurgy, Prodn) in top 15 colleges could be available.
  • Top branches (CSE, ECE, Mech, IT) could be available in lower ranking institutes.
  • It can be expected that the cut-off for the 4th round could go higher by 20-30 points only (vs 3rd round) as the result of May SAT2 score would also be considered for this round.

Just to provide a flavor of what could be expected in this round, I am providing what was available in the Spot Round of 2015 (again refer to bullet point no. 1 above, DASA do not publish seat matrix for the 4th round). Spot Round Seat Availability in 2015   DASA-2015-Cutoff-Round-1.pdf   11 April 2015 IIIT-Hyderabad DASA Announcement For 2015, IIIT -Hyd have split DASA seats by disciplines. Only 20 seats for CSE for 2015 (vs a total of 30 seats in 2014), so expecting cutoff around 2380-2400 for CSE. The fee revised to USD 12k per annum (from $11 K). For ECE, 10 seats allocated for DASA. Expecting ECE cut-off between 2200-2300   9 April 2015 DASA Scheme brochure has been updated as on date and is available at below link. NSIT Delhi has been added as new institute this year.  It is a good addition for north Indians interested in CSE/ECE who can now choose this college as the cut-off is expected to be lower than NIT K and DTU, being first time entry under DASA scheme.   https://www.dasanit.org/dasa2015/documents/DASA%20UG%202015%20brochure%206apr.pdf   25 November 2014 For the academic year 2015-16, DASA scheme would be administered by Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) Jaipur. I sincerely hope that DASA scheme is efficiently executed just like NITK, who had really done FANTASTIC job for last 6-7 years and have set very high standards in responding to candidates genuine concerns. Hats off to NITK admin who were pretty active on social media (I happened to receive quite a few email from NITK concerned in-charge in initial years to popularize the scheme and share the details with NRI community). More details to follow.   5 July 2014 Fourth Round of Cut-off for DASA Scheme 2014 – 2015 has been declared today DASA2014_SATCutoff_Round4_Allotment   30 June 2014 Third Round Cut-off for DASA Scheme 2014-15 DASA2014_SAT Cutoff_Round3_Allotment   7 June 2014 DASA Scheme 2014-15 Allotment List- 1st Round has been declared. Congratulations to all who got their dream institutes in the 1st Round. Following are the key takeaways from allotment 1)  Phenomenal rise of CSE branch this year. It is first time in DASA Scheme that allotment Cut-off is 2400/2400. 2) DTU emerged the top college in DASA Scheme 2014-15 for CSE as DTU CSE seats finished before NITK-CSE. DTU has huge reputation for good placements as best of the companies visit there (and hire students). 2) Out of first 20 toppers, 8 selected DTU, 7 NITK, 3 NITT and one each for MNNIT and NITW. 3) IIIT-Delhi made a big bang entry into top DASA institute club. The institute has the potential to be the top DASA institute in a few years time.



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