Ranking of Engineering Institutes Revealed !

Ranking of NITs Revealed: Ranking of NITs by JEE-Main Candidates

All NITs/IIITs are listed in the order of preference based on JEE-Main 2016 cut-offs ranking. This ranking of engineering colleges (admission thru JEE-Main) is pretty reliable (certainly better than ranking by private publishers since they show preference by real JEE-Main toppers).

JEE Main 2016:  Cut-off  Rank (6th List- Open Cat )
Ranking NIT Name CSE ECE Mech
1 NIT-T (Trichy) 621 1671 3155
2 NIT- W (Warangal) 1318 2846 4539
3 NIT-K (Surathkal) 1246 3104 5158
4 MNNIT-Allahabad 2966 6017 8240
5 NIT-C (Calicut) 3571 5574 9542
6 VNIT Nagpur 3661 5610 9870
7 NIT Jaipur 4731 8426 10925
8 NIT-Rourkela 4894 6343 15246
9 SVNIT Surat 5268 8286 11584
10 IIIT-A 5375 10410  
11 NIT Delhi 5426 9078  
12 MANIT 5904 8902 12401
13 NIT Kuru 6228 11513 13251
14 NIT-Dgp 8358 11179 15722
15 NIT-Jal 8925 14706 16490
16 NIT Goa 8994 13000  
17 NIT Jamshedpur 9092 13291 16577
18 NIT-Raipur 10201 15904 17835
19 NIT-Hamirpur 10495 15939 17890
20 NIT-Puducherry 12990 15671 18160
21 IIIT-Kanchipuram 13827 18079 23189
22 NIT-Patna 15063 20443 22377
23 IIIT-Jabalpur 16901 21690  
24 IIIT Gwalior 17860    



Ranking of NITs by JEE-Main Applicants
JEE Main 2015:  Cut-off  Rank (4th List- Open Cat )
Ranking NIT Name CSE ECE Mech
1 NIT-T (Trichy) 748 1753 2667
2 NIT- W (Warangal) 1381 2341 3888
3 NIT-K (Surathkal) 1470 2430 3627
4 NIT-C (Calicut) 3048 4469 7575
5 MNNIT-Allahabad 3127 5768 6870
6 NIT Delhi 3931 6553  
7 VNIT Nagpur 3963 5374 8712
8 NIT Jaipur 4101 7386 7952
9 NIT-Rourkela 4867 6469 8964
10 MANIT 6352 8802 10840
11 NIT Kuru 6727 10909 11424
12 SVNIT Surat 6795 9750 11697
13 NIT-Dgp 9217 12644 14127
14 NIT-Jal 9732 13192 14512
15 NIT Goa 9735 11990  
16 NIT-Hamirpur 11779 15929 17690
Above is a List of Top 16 NITs. The NIT ranking is based on Computer branch cut-off rank at the end of 4th Round of JEE-Main for Outstation (Open) Category.


Indian Engineering College Ranking

A lot of ranking published by powerful media houses have some element of 'hidden agenda' where some private engg colleges are ranked higher.  I personally suggest the blog visitors to spend some time at below links.

(Hint: If any private college (other than BITS-Pilani) is within top 20 rank, most likely  that is not true ranking.)





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  1. Dear Raj,
    I appreciate your noble work and yr site since my child was in class 9th. Now he will be promoted to grade 12th next month after this Gulf Shodhaya exam which means he should be the first batch appreaing for Common entrance test.   Hence I would like to have your views from NRI point of view in terms of getting admission in India's reputed Engineering  colleges.

    • It feels good to know that we have esteemed visitors since long.
      Regarding IIT JEE 2013/ISEET 2013, I would like to share that it is an extremely good opportunity for NRIs to crack the exam as they would be on somewhat equal terms with resident candidates. Generally, resident candidates have advantage of better coaching/guidance/full time ‘Kota” style coaching, if the exam pattern is known (including those who drop an year and get unwarranted advantage over 12th students). However in 2013, the exam would be a new animal with no prior pattern available, and thus, hardly anyone would have advantage over others. I solicit all our NRI bretherns to motivate their children to crack IIT JEE 2013 as it is an golden opportunity where they would not be extremely disadvantaged like before.

      • Dear Raj,
        Appreciate your prompt response.
        As a matter of curiosity I would like to ask your view about Mechanical or chem. branch as the whole horde are towards ECE or CS. Do you think Mechanical branch are no more ever green in today’s world. I mean why to overburden children with lot of studies.
        With High regards

        • Mech is still very much a green branch and infact last year the sat2 cut-off of Mech was higher than CSE under DASA. By the way Mech/Chem doesn’t mean less of studies.

  2. hello sir,,, Im Murugan..i want to get admission from tamilnadu engineering college..esp im interested in PSG engg college 
    foregin nation student can apply that engineering college and probably tution fees ??

    • About 2 years back, a couple of NRI parents had given feedback on getting admissions for their children in PSG. However, when I checked a couple of months back, I couldn’t find anything on NRI seats. You could try checking with the college directly and leave a feedback here.

  3. Dear Mr Raj,

    I have got admission into Thappar University for ECE engineering …and i got a score of 1810 in my SAT 2 …I am interested in ECE at MNNIT Allahbad?…will it be possible for me to get ECE at Allahbad and secondly from a campus placement point of view which of the two institutes would you recommend

    • More than 50% chance of you getting MNNIT-A ECE. MNNIT is better for placement. However, please keep in mind that NRI students also have different set of needs and all may not settle well in MNNIT. I know someone who got admission in MNNIT-A and them moved to Thapar due to food and health reasons. God has not made everyone as same and you need to evaluate where you lie in terms of living life as it comes.

  4. Dear Raj & fly,
    You and your team are doing great service to students and parents. Keep up the good work.

    I heard from some students that within the next year all NIT’s will be converted into IIT’s. Do you have any information about this?


    • Dear KP,

      It is not true at all that NITs are converting into IITs. The HRD ministry is grappling with issues with the newly opened IITs already. There was a talk some 3-4 years back to convert some NITs (like Rourkela) to IIT, but in the end govt decided to create new assets rather than taking shortcuts of converting other colleges to IITs.

  5. sir, i secured 92% in my cbse boards and 2350 in my SAT II subject test(PCM). Sir, what are my chances of getting EEE in NITK?

  6. Dear Mr. Raj,

    My son has secured 2040 in SAT II. His choices are ECE NIT T-W-A-N-S. In case he gets CS in Warrangle (and not ECE), what do we do to get ECE NIT A or N or S. If we accept CS-W, and keep it open for list two and three, the system will only look for higher choices. It will not go for lower choices. (Thats what i believe). hence what should be done so taht he gets a chance to get ECE A or N or S instead of CS in W.


    • I am not sure why he would get CS-W when his top priorities are ECE-T-W-A-N-S . I think I haven’t got your pref correct. You could drop out of the 1st list and submit new pref or get the seats from spot admissions. In any case, since NITK is the right agency, please contact them and share your knowledge here.

    • neela…if you have still not submitted the choices

      go this way

      1. ECE NITT
      2.ECE NITW
      3. ECE NITA
      4.ECE NITN
      5.ECE NITS
      6.CS NITT
      7.CS NITW

      In this order.Now if you get 7th choice, that time you can ask for higher option.

    • Go by the ranking of the college. I have seen AIEEE qualified candidates pref and the seats fill by college ranking (NITW/T/K in that order)- no separate ranking for Chem or any other branch. If any reader has any personal knowledge of any such ranking separate from college ranking, please share with reasons.

  7. dear sir,my son is applying through and we need to clarify regarding the fees before that.he passed from oman,muscat.i would like to know the yearly fees,and do we have to pay in dollars?how may options can be given when we register.we request your goodself to clarify the points.thanks and regards. jasbir singh.

  8. Dear Sir,

    My son is applying through DASA and we seek your advise for clarity before we fill up the application online.

    1. We have an option of giving 30 choices of branches/college. In case, we restrict to 10 colleges/branches and in the unfortunate event of not being selected for any of the opted choices, will he able to get through spot admission even though he had no choices opted earlier.

    2. As a proof of residence in U.A.E, will it be enough if we attach copies of visa pages from the passport.

    We request your goodself to kindly clarify the above two points so that the submission can be successful.

    Thanks & Regards

    Neelakantan R.A

    • 1) Yes, it would be very good situation if you don’t get anything in 10 choices as you will find some pretty good options in 2nd list and spot admission
      2) Proof of residence is more of a reqmnt for Foreign applicants. I would think your school certificate and visa copy should be just fine. Please contact NIT-K for more details and post the reply here.
      3) With 2040, good chances of getting in NIT-W CSE

      • Dear Mr. Raj,

        Thank you very much for your reply and thanks a ton for the wonderful support you extend to millions of parents/students every year.

        I am eager to know your opinion about admission for ECE in NIT T, W, Allahabad, Nagpur, Surat. His score is 2040.

        Thanks once again