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DASA Scheme 2017 – 18 Details

6 July 2017

DASA has declared Second Round Cut-off. The summarized comparison of 2nd Round against 1st Round is on this link

30 June 2017

DASA have declared the results much before the time this year. We really need to appreciate VNIT Coordinator's efforts in this matter for smooth management of the scheme this year. I would suggest that all those who feel good about it to express their appreciation and feelings, especially on Twitter, tagging HRD ministry, VNIT and the person who was most helpful to you. CIWG applicants may also thank HRD Mininstry (@HRDMinistry) and  @PrakashJavdekar for timely resolution of the fee. You may also like or re-tweet my tweet on this ( handle @rajktyagi or search #DASA).

I am receiving many queries if the cut-off can drop by X point or Y point in 2nd/3rd Round. All such candidates are urged to refer to last year's trend/ cut-off drop at this link.

DASA Scheme 2017:  1st  Round SAT 2 Cut-Off for CIWG and non-CIWG Seats    
DASA-Institute CSE ECE Mech IT EEE
NIT-T (Trichy) 2400 2400 2380 2350 2390 2350     2380 2260
NIT-K (Surathkal) 2400 2400 2380 2360 2390 2340 2380 2340 2340 2260
NIT- W (Warangal) 2400 2350 2330 2230 2310 2220     2270 2110
IIIT-Delhi 2400 2380 2230 2220       2370    
DTU 2390 2370 2370 2290 2400 2070 2340 2330 2080 1820
NSIT-Delhi 2400 2380 2050 2230 2180 2140 1970 2330    
NIT-C (Calicut) 2400 2340 2260 2120 2300 2270     2250 1990
IIIT-Chennai 2360 2330 2250              
VNIT Nagpur 2360 2290 2260 2050 2320 2140     2210 1910
SVNIT Surat 2310 2130 2120 1910 2100 1850     1800 1910
NIT Jaipur 2310 2180 2100 1820 2070 1830     2090 1800
IIIT-Allahabad     2070 1830     2230 2270    
MNNIT-Alh 2240 2210 1890 1810 2020 1860 1870 2010 1810 1810
NIT-Hamirpur 2240 2260 1900     1800        
NIT-AP 2270 1930     1890 1940        
NIT Delhi 2190 2140 1820 1900         1890 1860
PEC- Chandigarh 1840 2070   1830 2170 1950       1830
MANIT-Bhopal 2080 2010     1820 2210        
NIT-Jamshedpur   1960     2080          
NIT-Kuru   1950 1800   2080     1810   1810
NIT-Rourkela 2110 2090 1960 1970 2030 1940     1980  
NIT-Goa 2170 1950 1910           1850  
NIT-Durgapur 2050 2000   1910 1900          
Note: Above is a List of Top 23 Institutes Under DASA Scheme    

16 June 2017

DASA Scheme for  year 2017 – 2018 has seen more changes per below:

1) CIWG fee has been reduced to Rs125000 per year.

2) New applicants who had not applied by 12 June can now apply until 22 June 2017. New applicants are advised to send the SAT scores to VNIT (Institute code:7035) by the RUSH mechanism only. 

Previously, DASA 2017 had relaxed residential requirement to 2 YEARS, i.e. 11 &12th from overseas for NRIs (was 5 years out of 8 years). Moreover, minimum SAT2 score requirement was fixed as 1800.

The below posts have ranking of colleges by branch, choice filling strategies, general information about DASA scheme and relative ranking of NITs/IIITs by JEE-Main candidates..

DASA Scheme- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ranking of Engineering Institutes Revealed !

Note: Considering that DASA result would be out on 30 June, I feel there is no purpose responding to queries relating to "tell if I can get ABC seat with given SAT score". Please do not write such queries as the same will not be published.

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DASA Scheme 2013-14 Allotment Announced

Update: 7 JulyJune 2013

DASA Scheme 2013-14 Allotment List- 4th Round has been declared.


Update: 8 June 2013

DASA Scheme 2013-14 Allotment List- 2nd Round has been declared. Following are the cut-offs for few institutes


DASA Scheme 2013: Actual SAT 2 Score (PCM) Cut-off  (2nd List)
DASA-Institute ECE CSE Mech EEE Elect Instr Chem Civil Arch IT Aero
NIT-K (Surathkal)- 1st Round 2320 2370 2340 2280 NA NA 2250 1940 NA 2170  
NITK-2nd Round Same 2360 Same 2250     2220 Same   2140  
NIT-T (Trichy)-                  1st Round 2280 2330 2280 2220   1900 2130 1800 1810 NA  
NITT-2nd Round 2270 same same     same same same Same    
NIT- W (Warangal) 2140 2260 2120 2000     2030 1800      
NITW-2nd Round 2130 2210 2100 same     same 1790      
NIT-C (Calicut) 2120 2180 2150 2110     2070 1880 2070    
NITC-2nd Round 2110 Same Same 2100     2040 1860 Same    
PEC- Chandigarh 1880 2190 1850   1570     1530     2260
PEC-2nd Round 1830 Same 1840   Same     Same     Same
MNNIT-Allahabad 1590 1970 1910   1540   1660 1460      
MNNIT-2nd Round 1460 1930 Same   Same   Same 1480   1490  
VNIT Nagpur 1830 2070 1920 1620     1580   1680    
VNIT-2nd Round 1560 2010 1860 Same     Same 1440 Same    
NIT Delhi 1980 2100   1560              
NIT-Delhi- 2nd 1900 1850   1530              
NIT Jaipur 1620 1600 1600   1510   1840 1470 1720    
NIT-Jaipur- 2nd Same 1550 1560   Same   Same Same Same    
IIIT-Allahabad 1710                 1520  
IIIT-A- 2nd Same                 Same  
SVNIT Surat 1530 1720 1640       1540 1520      
SVNIT-2nd 1540 Same Same   2120   Same Same      

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DASA Scheme: FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on

DASA Scheme

Part- A   General Questions about DASA

Part-B  Academic Eligibility

Part-C Residential Eligibility

Part- D   SAT Subject Tests (for Undergraduate Courses)

Part- E    Fee Payment (for Undergraduate Courses)

Part- F   Application Form Filling

Part- G     Miscellaneous queries

Part-H  Children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries (CIWG)

Part- I: Real Life Queries (Choice-Fillng by CIWG etc)

 Part- A   General Questions about DASA

1)    What is DASA Scheme?

DASA stands for Direct Admission of Students Abroad. Under this scheme, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)/ Foreign Nationals/Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs)  are admitted to Undergraduate Courses in Engineering in National Institutes of Technology (NITs), IIITs and other premier Technical Institutions in India. DASA scheme is centrally coordinated  by one of the NIT by rotation under HRD Ministry. Just for clarity, IITs are not covered under DASA Scheme.

2)    Is there is any DASA-like scheme for medical (MBBS) admissions?

No. However, the NRIs/PIOs can get admissions to private medical colleges as about 15% seats are allocated for NRI admissions. Please refer following article for more info on medical admissions

MBBS Options in Top Private Medical Colleges in India under NRI Quota


3)    What are the options in Govt/Private technical institutes other than DASA  scheme administered by NIT-Surathkal for NRIs/PIOs?

It is to be noted that the following institutes have their own separate schemes for NRIs or International Students and the application for the same has to be completed on the respective Institute’s website:

IIIT-Hyd, BITS-Pilani (Pilani, Goa, Hyd camps), BIT-Mesra, Thapar Univ,  VIT Vellore, DA-IICT Ahmedabad, COE-Pune, HBTI-Kanpur, MIT-Manipal, Nirma, COE Guindy, Amrita, SRM, MS Ramaiah, RV College, Jaypee Inst of IT.

So, if you have preference for a particular city, location or a private college, there are many other options for NRIs, other than DASA scheme.

4)    Which are the most popular institutes under DASA scheme?

NIT-Trichy, NIT-Surathkal, DTU, NIT-Warangal, IIIT-Delhi, NSIT, NIT-Calicut, VNIT- Nagpur, SVNIT-Surat, MNNIT-Allahabad, IIIT-Allahabad, IIIT-Kancheepuram are the 12 most popular institutes per previous years preference by NRIs/PIOs. These are followed by NIT -Jaipur, NIT-Delhi, PEC, MANIT-Bhopal, NIT-Jamshedpur, NIT-Kuru, NIT-Rourkela, NIT-Goa, NIT-Durgapur and NIT Hamirpur.

5)    Which are the most popular institutes for CSE?

  1. IIIT-Hyd
  2. DTU=NITK=NITT=NITW=IIIT-D=NSIT (choose anyone depending on convenience)
  3. NIT Calicut=MNNIT (choose anyone depending on convenience)
  5. NIT-Kuru, NIT-Rourkela, NIT-Durgapur and NIT Jalandhar.


6) Which are the most popular institutes for ECE?



7) Which are the most popular institutes for Mech?

  1. DTU

8) Which are the most popular institutes for Other Branches?

Please choose in the order of SAT2 Cut-off score for 2016-17 provided at the website.  (higher SAT 2 cut-off being better institute). Generally,



9)    Are NRIs eligible to compete to get merit seat (at normal resident fee) for Engg and Medical Colleges?

NRIs are fully eligible to give competitive exams like JEE-Main and JEE-Advance for engineering colleges and AIPMT/NEET for medical colleges and pay normal resident Indian fee if they qualify in the exam.

10)    What shall be the basis of preparing Merit List for the scheme?

Merit list shall be prepared on the basis of SAT Subject Test (SAT II) aggregate scores of Maths Level 2, Physics and Chemistry. While a total score of 2400 in PCM would guarantee a seat in the preferred college and the branch, a minimum score of 1440 (60%). In case of a tie, the Date of Birthis used as tie-breaker where older applicant is favored is the official agency to administer SAT II tests.

SAT II Subject Tests: Everything About It

11)    Do I need to appear for SAT I (Aptitude Test) before SAT II (Subject Tests)

No. Only SAT II (Subject Tests) are required to be given for DASA.

12) What is the fee for DASA admissions

As of 2016, the fee per year is $8000. CIWG applicants (Children of Indian Workers in Gulf) need to pay about $1400 per year (equal to resident Indians on merit).


Part-B  Academic Eligibility (for Undergraduate Courses)


  1. Question : What is the minimum requirement to qualify for application?

Answer            : Applicant must have passed the qualifying examination, i.e. Senior Secondary [10+2] or equivalent [See Appendix-I of Brochure] from any system of education as recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (

  1. Question : What is the minimum requirement in +2 /qualifying examination?

Answer            : A candidate should have a minimum of 60% aggregate (or 6.50 CGPA on a 10 point scale or equivalent) in the qualifying examination. The qualifying examination, shall include all subjects as mentioned in qualifying examination Mark sheet.

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DASA/NRI Engg admissions- Discussion

Update: 2 July 2011

The minimum SAT2 score requirement of 1800 could be relaxed to 1440 during spot admission. Those applicants who have taken admissions in private colleges due to minm SAT2 score requirement have a big opportunity to get admissions to NITs as NIT brand is highly recognised in India and abroad.

Update: 1 July 2011

DASA-2011 1st Merit List has been declared today. Hearty Congratulations to all those who got their preferred branch and the college :).

Please find below the list


Following is the actual SAT2 Cut-off for various branches and colleges


The key highlights of DASA scheme merit list year are

1) Mechanical branch was the most popular branch going by the cut-offs, followed by ECE and CSE. Out of top 100 applicants, 33 opted for Mechanical, 21 for ECE and 25 for Computers.

2) NITK was the most popular college. Following is the number of DASA scheme toppers selecting this institute:8 out of 10, 15 out of 20, 34 out of 50 and 58 out of first 100 toppers selecting NITK.

3) NITK (58 out of top 100) was followed up by NIT-Trichy (18 toppers out of 100), NIT-W (8 out of 100) and PEC & NIT-C getting 7� toppers each out of 100 toppers. We have been consistent in giving this ranking� on this blog. Last year (2010), the break of college-wise preference of top 100 applicants was as following: NITK (37), NIT-T: 23, NIT-W:14, NIT-C: 10 and PEC:9.

Leaving aside cut-off scores, following is the break-up of applicants for DASA2011: NITK: 90 applicants, NIT-T:75, NIT-C: 65, NITW:62, PEC: 40, MNNIT-Allahabad: 31, SVNIT-Surat:23, MNIT-Jaipur: 20, VNIT-Nagpur: 15 applicants.

4) Due to steep fee hike in DASA scheme, less applicants have selected DASA scheme this year, many opting for other govt/private colleges. This is evident by number of students opting for DASA scheme has come down by about 15% in the category of those getting more than 1800 SAT2 score as compared to last year.

My apologies to all those parents/students whose querries I could not respond in last week due to minor injury I had on my wrist.

Update: 27 May 2011

Following is a new blog post on ranking of Indian engineering intitutes.� These rankings take care of various parameters (students, faculty, infra, placement etc).

List of Indian Engineering College Ranking

Update: 31 Dec 10

As promised, we are publishing expected SAT2 score cut-off for DASA scheme 2011 admissions.� Obviously, these are only indicative SAT2 PCM cut-off figures and would depend on the relative performance and yet-to-be-decided preference by the individuals .� However, they could provide some clues on the available choices with the given scores.


We wish a very happy new year 2011 to all of our blog readers

Update:�17 Dec 2010

The NRI/Foreign Nationals desirous of getting admissions to Indian central engineering colleges (i.e NITs) under DASA scheme for the session 2011-12 should visit following official site periodically to keep track of any new information on the scheme
DASA scheme 2011:
DASA Scheme 2011 Guidelines/Procedure

The list of participating institutes and available seats in each institute is available� at the following link
DASA Scheme 2011- Participating NITs/Institutes and Seat Matrix

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on DASA scheme and SAT 2 subject tests is given at below link

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There is an updated post on the topic at below link



There are 3 ways in which children of NRIs can be admitted to engg institutes in India. NRI students desirous of seeking MBBS admissions in medical colleges have only one way to get admitted- private medical colleges under NRI Quota (there is a separate post on this topic here) . Following discussions is useful for engineering admissions:

1) The DASA scheme for NRIs in NITs: Main criteria is that the NRI student has to study 2 years (11th and 12th) outside india, get SAT 2(Subject Tests) score above 1440 in physics, chemistry & Maths and pass 12th qualifying exam with min. 60% marks. More than 30 reputed NITs, IIIT and PEC are covered under this scheme. Annual fee is about $7000.

The details of DASA Scheme 2010-11 has been published by NIT-Surathkal and details are available at separate post link per below

DASA Scheme 2014-15 Admission to NITs for NRIs-Brochure

The list of colleges/institutes under this scheme, number of seats/branches for each institute and the application form can be downloaded from DASA/NRI Quota . The admissions to IITs is not applicable under DASA Scheme or NRI Quota or any other scheme. The admissions to IIIT Hyd is conducted separately , also called DASA Scheme by IIIT-Hyd, for which the details are available here.

2) NRI Quota: The key criteria is that the student has to to pass 11 & 12 from outside india with min 60% marks. VIT, PSG College, Thapar Institute-Patiala, RV College, DAI-IT-Ghandinagar, VJTI and Manipal are some of the other reputed colleges with NRI Quota (However, the fee varies from $8000 to $11000 per year). For more information on NRI Quota, please visit DASA/NRI Quota section of this website.

3) NRI sponsored Quota: The key difference being the NRI sponsored student need not pass 11 & 12th from outside india. The sponsor (father/mother/brother/sister) should be an NRI as per IT rules. Many private colleges (including VIT-Vellore) have few seats under this scheme. NO NIT has this quota. Please see below list of prominent private Institutes with whom EdCIL has MOU and offer NRI Quota including NRI sponsored category. However, it is advisable to contact these institutes to confirm if they still have a valid MOU for NRI Quota. The annual fee for NRI Sponsored Quota can range between US$7000 (RV College Bangalore), VIT-Vellore ($9000) to US$9000 (Thapar -Patiala)

NRI Sponsored Quota: List of Institutions (Arts/Science/Law) having MOU with EdCIL (Refer Appendix-C)

Now, list of NITs most preffered by NRIs (in the order of ranking under DASA scheme)

DTU, NIT-Surathkal, NIT-Trichy, NIT-Warangal, NIT-Calicut, IIIT-Delhi, PEC, MNNIT-Allahabad and IIIT-Allahabad are the most popular per previous years preference by NRIs/PIOs.


The above list is followed by NIT -Jaipur, MANIT-Bhopal, VNIT-Nagpur, NIT-Kuru, NIT-Rourkela, SVNIT-Surat, NIT-Durgapur and NIT Jalandhar.



Starting from 2010, DASA scheme merit list would be based on SAT II scores in Maths II, Physics and Chemistry. It would be prudent to score in excess of 730(out of 800) in each of the 3 subjects in SAT II to have any hope of getting the branch and college of your choice.


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