DASA Scheme 2017 – 18 Details

11 March 2017

DASA 2017 has published the much-awaited brochure with following 2 main changes:

1) Minimum SAT score requirement increased to 1800.

2) CIWG fee brought on par with normal NRI seats i.e. US$ 8000 per annum for  both CIWG and normal NRI category.


1) I am receiving numerous queries regarding May 2017 SAT2 score- if the score would reach DASA by 12 June. I have indicated on numerous occasions that if you indicated VNIT Institute Code while registering for SAT2 exam, the score would reach the institute in time (generally on the same day the scores are declared). Even if you have registered for May 17 exam, you could send the scores automatically by stating the institure code until a few weeks before the actual exam. To all those who are looking from me a 'guarantee' in this regard, please spend a couple of $$ and directly call CollegeBoard. Furthermore, to avoid repeatitions, such queries will not be published to save time for all.

2) Regarding numbers of scores that could be sent to DASA, please note that you are free to send as many scores as you would like (watchout for $$ involved in sending the scores). DASA would consider the highest score it receives in each subject.

3) Please note that I am unable to respond to each applicant how they need to finalize their preference for a given score due to number of such queries and time constraints. However, I have provided very detailed strategy in this regard at this post. If there is a general query that helps all applicants, I would certainly respond.

28January 2017

DASA Scheme for  year 2017-2018 admissions shall be administered by VNIT-Nagpur. While the applicants await further details of the scheme from the concerned authorities, this website is always available to the applicants with all the information on this scheme at below link.

DASA Scheme- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

DASA 2017- 18 Time Line  
Submission of online application April 01 to June 12, 2017
Last date for receipt of SAT Subject Test Score June 12, 2017
First round of Seat Allotment June 19, 2017
Second Round of Seat Allotment June 24, 2017
Third Round of Seat Allotment June 30, 2017
Fourth Round of Seat Allotment July 14, 2017
Reporting to allotted Institutes by candidates July 18 to July 24, 2017

I would be glad to assist you with any of your query if the same has not been answered in the FAQ. If you like this free blog, please do not forget to click one of the advertisements that helps to run this blog.


17 July 2016

DASA 2016 SAT2 Cutoff for 4th Round have been declared by DASANIT. Below link has DASA 4th Round SAT2 Cut-off Scores:

DASA Scheme 2016:  4th  Round SAT 2 Cut-Off for Normal and CIWG seats  
DASA-Institute CSE ECE Mech IT EEE
  Normal CIWG Normal CIWG Normal CIWG Normal CIWG Normal CIWG
NIT-T (Trichy) 2400 2400 2390 2400 2360 2400     2320 2370
NIT-K (Surathkal) 2400 2400 2320 2400 2310 2400 2300 2400 2220 2340
DTU 2400 2400 2210 2380 2280 2390 2360 2370 2090 2310
NIT- W (Warangal) 2390 2400 2230 2350 2240 2380     1980 2210
IIIT-Delhi 2390 2400 2310 2320            
NSIT-Delhi 2380 2400 1990 2320            
NIT-C (Calicut) 2320 2400 2150 2320 2290 2360     1860 2250
VNIT Nagpur 2230 2360 2150 2030 2040 2090     1610 2060
SVNIT Surat 2340 2250 1620 2140 1760 2130        
IIIT-Allahabad     1920 1910     2240 2360    
MNNIT-Alh 2070 2320 1550 1880 1810 2110 1970 1950   1560
IIIT-Kanch.   2290 2190              
NIT Jaipur 2370 2230 1670 1970 2040 2130       1890
NIT Delhi 1950 2380 1760 1780         1860 2070
PEC- Chandigarh 2080 2150   1690 1480 1960       1590
MANIT-Bhopal 1890 2010 1660 1780 1530 1830       1660
NIT-Jamshedpur 1850 1960   1730   1800       1770
NIT-Kuru 1730 2060   1700 1620 1900 1530 1840   1470
NIT-Rourkela 1850 2120 1750 1720 1530 1890        
NIT-Goa 2030 2040 1560 2000           1860
NIT-Durgapur 2230 1950     1840 1680       1710
NIT-Hamirpur 1790 1850       1860        
Note: Above is a List of Top 22 Institutes Under DASA Scheme    

DASA-2016-3rd Round SAT 2 Cut-off-Top15 Colleges

17 June

DASA 2016 SAT2 Cutoff for 2nd Round have been declared by DASANIT. Following are my general observations this year:

1) CIWG seats have not seen much change from Round 1

2) Normal seats cut-off also has seen stiff resistance to move down. For some reasons, few Normal seat cut-off have seen upward movement. Below link has DASA 2nd Round SAT2 Cut-off Scores:

DASA-2016-2nd Round SAT 2 Cut-off-Top15 Colleges

Note: For official Cut-off scores for Round 2, please refer to DASANIT website (this website takes no responsibility for accuracy of the data).

9 June

DASA 2016 SAT2 Cutoff for Round 1 have been declared by DASANIT. Following are my general observations this year:

1) CIWG seats have seen very high cut-offs. This shows that the Gulf students not only constitute more than 1/3 of overall students but also score more compared to general DASA pool.

2) DASA students have got unusually high SAT2 scores this year (that too without May score coming into play). CIWG seats were expected to finish at 2400 in top colleges, however, NITW- CSE Normal seats also going at 2400 leads me to think that >90 students got score of 2400 (last year the cut-off at NITW-CSE was 2340). Same goes for ECE/Mech/IT seats where the cut-offs are more than last year even for Normal seats.

3) Many lower ranks colleges could only get application for CIWG seats- very smart move by CIWG candidates with low SAT scores. Please check at below link that EEE seats have only got interest from CIWG candidates:

DASA-2016-Round1 SAT 2 Cut-off-Tier 2 Colleges

Can I get an Upgrade Seat in Round 2?

I am receiving a lot of queries asking if I can get an upgrade seat. On this I could only provide general guidance based on last years' experience (last year the cut-off really didn't drop by even 10 points in top7-8 colleges). In case someone has better idea on this, I would publish that here:

Round 1 Cut-off -> Expected SAT2 Score Drop in cutoff

>2350 -> 0-10

2300-2350 -> 0-20

2200-2290 -> 0-30

2000-2190 -> 0-40

<2000 -> 0-60

As far as Internal Sliding is concerned, no one can predict that- so my request is not to rely on that stroke of luck as one of your main option. As earlier noted, I would be deleting all queries relating to internal sliding as it is not worth deliberating/ arriving at probabilities etc. Read more…

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Ranking of Engineering Institutes Revealed !

Ranking of NITs Revealed: Ranking of NITs by JEE-Main Candidates

Ranking of NITs by JEE-Main Applicants
JEE Main 2015:  Cut-off  Rank (4th List- Open Cat )
Ranking NIT Name CSE ECE Mech
1 NIT-T (Trichy) 748 1753 2667
2 NIT- W (Warangal) 1381 2341 3888
3 NIT-K (Surathkal) 1470 2430 3627
4 NIT-C (Calicut) 3048 4469 7575
5 MNNIT-Allahabad 3127 5768 6870
6 NIT Delhi 3931 6553  
7 VNIT Nagpur 3963 5374 8712
8 NIT Jaipur 4101 7386 7952
9 NIT-Rourkela 4867 6469 8964
10 MANIT 6352 8802 10840
11 NIT Kuru 6727 10909 11424
12 SVNIT Surat 6795 9750 11697
13 NIT-Dgp 9217 12644 14127
14 NIT-Jal 9732 13192 14512
15 NIT Goa 9735 11990  
16 NIT-Hamirpur 11779 15929 17690
Above is a List of Top 16 NITs. The NIT ranking is based on Computer branch cut-off rank at the end of 4th Round of JEE-Main for Outstation (Open) Category.


Indian Engineering College Ranking

A lot of ranking published by powerful media houses have some element of 'hidden agenda' where some private engg colleges are ranked higher.  I personally suggest the blog visitors to spend some time at below links.

(Hint: If any private college (other than BITS-Pilani) is within top 20 rank, most likely  that is not true ranking.)





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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be conducting All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Entrance Test (AIPMT) on May 1.

The candidates can check the detailed schedule below:

  • The last date to apply for AIPMT 2016 without late fee is January 8
  • The last date for successful final transaction of fee by credit card/debit card is January 12
  • The last date for successful final transaction of fee only by e-challan is January 12
  • The last date for successful final transaction of fee, with late fee, by credit card/debit card is February 10
  • The last date for successful final transaction of fee, with late fee, only by e-challan is February 10
  • Download of admit cards: April 1
  • Date of AIPMT: May 1
  • Display of OMR sheet: Between May 19 to May 23 (For any three days)
  • Display of answer key: May 24 to May 26
  • Declaration of results: June 5 (tentative)

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Single IIT, NIT Entrance Exam from 2017 ?

Panel suggests single IIT, NIT entrance exam, aptitude test

HRD Ministry maintains there will be no change in JEE format for 2016

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published:November 8, 2015 2:35 am

Three years after the UPA 2 government made sweeping changes to the admission process at top engineering institutes of the country, an expert panel appointed by its successor government has recommended another set of changes, including a single entrance examination for both IITs and NITs, no weightage to school board marks, and a compulsory aptitude test.

The committee, headed by academic Ashok Mishra, has suggested that JEE (Main) and JEE (Advanced) should be merged into a single entrance exam, conducted by the IITs and intended to test a candidate’s knowledge of physics, chemistry and mathematics. Currently, JEE (Main), meant for admission to the NITs, is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), and JEE (Advanced) by the IITs.
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Top Engg Entrance Exams In India

By SiliconIndia  |   Thursday, 04 September 2014,

BANGALORE: India has the youngest population than any other part of the world. Apart from this, India is rated as the country with more number of engineers in the making. Budding students aspire to become top-class engineers making themselves and their families proud. In India, being an engineer is a matter of respect.

Every year lakhs of students sit for various engineering entrance examinations, with hopes of qualifying. Other than the Joint Entrance Examination for IITs, there are various other top competitive engineering examinations in India. Listed below are the national level undergraduate exams worth considering, as compiled by Rediff.

JEE Main

The Joint Entrance Examination, also known as JEE is the first choice of lakhs of aspiring engineering students.
Main exam is the first step towards gaining eligibility to admissions to IITs, NITs, IIITs, IIITM and IIITDM and other Central Government/State Government funded institutions. Ranks of this exam are accepted by all colleges and universities in the country.
To take up this exam, candidates must pass the final class XII or its equivalent degree and they are not allowed to take the JEE Main exam more than three times.

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