Which Engg Branch to Choose in AIEEE : Electronics (ECE) or Computers (CSE)?

Which branch of engineering is best? This is the most commonly asked question during July month every year when AIEEE counselling gets underway (and coincidentally my summer vacation to India occurs invariably in July every year and am asked this question frequently by parents from non-engg background). The question is obviously asked to know which branch will have better prospects after passing-out and beyond. Since most old IITs don�t have ECE branch (only IITG, IITR and IIT Kharagpur offer ECE ), the first preference of JEE toppers is CSE so much so that one could not get CSE in IIT-Bombay even with a JEE rank of 50 in 2008 (last rank to get CSE was 47 in IIT Bombay). For this reason we would limit ourselves to non-IIT colleges for choosing between CSE or ECE. Under DASA scheme for NRIs, NITs are the only colleges to opt for and this discussion suits such students very well.

We would discuss the topic in scientific manner and shall use weighted average method to select the right branch. To begin with, we would list down all important criteria/preferences, assign them weightage based on one�s background/aptitude and start assigming marks to the two branches. A sample exercise in the form of Excel sheet is available in the download section of this website. Please keep in mind, it is a very much individual based selection (I wonder why a candidate has to have a herd mentality in choosing branch when same thing is not done even for a mundane thing like selecting right cake for one�s b�day).

In right earnest, we start to� list down the important factors based on one�s background

�1)��Your �plutonic� love for the subject. Ask yourself if you like coding in general? Would you love to work in a field job? Please don�t give this factor 100% weightage because there could be other factors one may miss. Many kids want to be astronauts when they are young but eventually don�t become one due to unavailability of state-of-art technology in the field in the country and lack of enough opportunities available in other sectors. The aeronautical branch in itself has certain restrictions (including security clearance) if one plans to pursue MS in US (post 9/11). Similarly, food technology requires similar security clearance in US by FDA. Moreover, if you want to select a particular branch due to scholarships available in USA, then engg as discipline may not be the best thing as people easily get scholarship in fields like archeology and history.

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