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IIIT-Delhi: A good option for CSE

Why to Choose IIIT-Delhi for CSE?

This blog article is for those students who are passionate about CSE/IT branch but don’t expect to get CSE branch in any reputed IITs or IIIT Hyd. IIIT-Delhi is one of the best institute for CSE in India for its awsome faculty that boasts of 22 professors who have done their PhD overseas in the best of world renowned institutes.

If below criteria fit well with you, you have a right match in IIIT-D

1)    If you are a knowledge-seeker and would try to achieve excellence in CSE field by learning from top class faculty that is available in India (US-style education)

2)    If you plan to pursue MTech/MS in one of top international university

3)    If you dream of working in one of the top international/Indian IT company

4)    If you are looking for a institute that has good quality of infrastructure (labs, equipment) and good industry interface

5)    If you don’t wish to waste first two years of college attending metal shop, chemistry practical, engg drawing while the main thing that excites you is computer –related topics.

6)    If you value decent hostel facilities (with ACs) in a metro city and are willing to pay for it.

7)    If you are willing to work REALLY hard to achieve your goals for life

Short Answer: Choose IIIT Delhi – CSE branch for a) excellent faculty, b) research opportunities, c) planning to do MS, d) to learn REAL computer engineering, e) very good placement, f) wish to seek good hostel facilities in a metro city.

Long Answer:

In the Bollywood movie “3 Idiots”, Aamir Khan has given the most important life- lessons for all engineering aspirants:

बच्चा , कामयाब होने के लिए नही, काबिल होने के लिए पढ़ो, कामयाबी झक मार के पीछे आएगी !

"Don't run behind success. Try to achieve excellence… success will come looking for you".
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