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Any Magic Tricks for IIT-JEE and AIEEE?

Do you know any short tricks for IIT JEE and AIEEE to crack maths objective questions? This is the question sent to me by one of the ‘desi’ blog reader from Malaysia and is duly included for this post.

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Best AIEEE Colleges- 2008 Analysis

Purely based on candidates preference of colleges in AIEEE 2008, following is the ranking of top 10 colleges.

1) IIIT- Hyderabad

2) NIT-Trichy

3) NIT- Warangal

4) NIT-Surathkal

5) MNNIT-Allahabad

6) IIIT-Allahabad

7) MNIT-Jaipur

8) PEC- Chandigarh

9) NIT-Calicut

10) NIT-Kuru.

Please note that this is not my personal opinion but a preference by candidates as per database of AIEEE (follow below link) for 2008. The similar database for 2009 exam has not yet been uploaded on AIEEE site.


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