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Best Books for JEE Main & JEE Advance Preparation

Best Books for JEE Preparation
Preparing for IIT JEE exam is no longer difficult. We bring to you a comprehensive list of JEE Main books and JEE Advanced books for exam preparation.
Books are recommended as per the subject. The list includes, best IIT JEE Books for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for the preparation of JEE Main and JEE Advanced Exam.Besides NCERT reference materials, books by Amit Agarwal, DC Pandey and Dr. R.K. Gupta are the best help for IIT JEE Exams.

Best Maths books for the preparation of JEE Main And JEE advanced

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IIIT-Delhi: A good option for CSE

Why to Choose IIIT-Delhi for CSE?

This blog article is for those students who are passionate about CSE/IT branch but don’t expect to get CSE branch in any reputed IITs or IIIT Hyd. IIIT-Delhi is one of the best institute for CSE in India for its awsome faculty that boasts of 22 professors who have done their PhD overseas in the best of world renowned institutes.

If below criteria fit well with you, you have a right match in IIIT-D

1)    If you are a knowledge-seeker and would try to achieve excellence in CSE field by learning from top class faculty that is available in India (US-style education)

2)    If you plan to pursue MTech/MS in one of top international university

3)    If you dream of working in one of the top international/Indian IT company

4)    If you are looking for a institute that has good quality of infrastructure (labs, equipment) and good industry interface

5)    If you don’t wish to waste first two years of college attending metal shop, chemistry practical, engg drawing while the main thing that excites you is computer –related topics.

6)    If you value decent hostel facilities (with ACs) in a metro city and are willing to pay for it.

7)    If you are willing to work REALLY hard to achieve your goals for life

Short Answer: Choose IIIT Delhi – CSE branch for a) excellent faculty, b) research opportunities, c) planning to do MS, d) to learn REAL computer engineering, e) very good placement, f) wish to seek good hostel facilities in a metro city.

Long Answer:

In the Bollywood movie “3 Idiots”, Aamir Khan has given the most important life- lessons for all engineering aspirants:

बच्चा , कामयाब होने के लिए नही, काबिल होने के लिए पढ़ो, कामयाबी झक मार के पीछे आएगी !

"Don't run behind success. Try to achieve excellence… success will come looking for you".
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DASA Scheme 2013-14 Allotment Details

Update: 15 June 2013

DASA Scheme 2013-14 Allotment List- 3rd Round has been declared. For all practical purposes, below list for 2nd round holds good for 3rd round. Those who were late in applying or need upgrade, a fourth round has been declared. Please follow DASANIT website

Update: 8 June 2013

DASA Scheme 2013-14 Allotment List- 2nd Round has been declared. Following are the cut-offs for few institutes


DASA Scheme 2013: Actual SAT 2 Score (PCM) Cut-off  (2nd List)
DASA-Institute ECE CSE Mech EEE Elect Instr Chem Civil Arch IT Aero
NIT-K (Surathkal)- 1st Round 2320 2370 2340 2280 NA NA 2250 1940 NA 2170
NITK-2nd Round Same 2360 Same 2250 2220 Same 2140
NIT-T (Trichy)-                  1st Round 2280 2330 2280 2220 1900 2130 1800 1810 NA
NITT-2nd Round 2270 same same same same same Same
NIT- W (Warangal) 2140 2260 2120 2000 2030 1800
NITW-2nd Round 2130 2210 2100 same same 1790
NIT-C (Calicut) 2120 2180 2150 2110 2070 1880 2070
NITC-2nd Round 2110 Same Same 2100 2040 1860 Same
PEC- Chandigarh 1880 2190 1850 1570 1530 2260
PEC-2nd Round 1830 Same 1840 Same Same Same
MNNIT-Allahabad 1590 1970 1910 1540 1660 1460
MNNIT-2nd Round 1460 1930 Same Same Same 1480 1490
VNIT Nagpur 1830 2070 1920 1620 1580 1680
VNIT-2nd Round 1560 2010 1860 Same Same 1440 Same
NIT Delhi 1980 2100 1560
NIT-Delhi- 2nd 1900 1850 1530
NIT Jaipur 1620 1600 1600 1510 1840 1470 1720
NIT-Jaipur- 2nd Same 1550 1560 Same Same Same Same
IIIT-Allahabad 1710 1520
IIIT-A- 2nd Same Same
SVNIT Surat 1530 1720 1640 1540 1520
SVNIT-2nd 1540 Same Same 2120 Same Same

Update: 2 June 2013
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IIT JEE 2013 Proposed Exam Pattern

Newly Proposed IIT-JEE 2013 Pattern

For IITs/ NITs/ IIITs/ CFTIs (Councils of Central Government-funded Technical Institutions)






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IIT Admissions: Be in top 20 percentile or get 75% marks in 12th


Common-counselling for JEE Main & JEE Advance from 2015



IIT Council changes JEE Advanced eligibility criteria

Anubhuti Vishnoi   |     |   New Delhi, September 22, 2014 | UPDATED 23:26 IST

In a key decision, the IIT Council chaired by Union Human Resource Development minister Smriti Irani has agreed to change the IIT-JEE Advanced eligibility criteria- from the existing top 20 percentile to top 20 percentile or 75 per cent marks in the Class XII board exam, whichever is lower. That apart, minister Smriti Irani also announced at the Council meeting held in Chennai today that a committee will be set up to resolve the IIT-UGC row over nomenclature of degrees and four year courses at IITs.
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