DASA Scheme: FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on

DASA Scheme

Part- A   General Questions about DASA

Part-B  Academic Eligibility

Part-C Residential Eligibility

Part- D   SAT Subject Tests (for Undergraduate Courses)

Part- E    Fee Payment (for Undergraduate Courses)

Part- F   Application Form Filling

Part- G     Miscellaneous queries

Part-H  Children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries (CIWG)

Part- I: Real Life Queries (Choice-Fillng by CIWG etc)

 Part- A   General Questions about DASA

1)    What is DASA Scheme?

DASA stands for Direct Admission of Students Abroad. Under this scheme, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)/ Foreign Nationals/Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs)  are admitted to Undergraduate Courses in Engineering in National Institutes of Technology (NITs), IIITs and other premier Technical Institutions in India. DASA scheme is centrally coordinated  by one of the NIT by rotation under HRD Ministry. Just for clarity, IITs are not covered under DASA Scheme.

2)    Is there is any DASA-like scheme for medical (MBBS) admissions?

No. However, the NRIs/PIOs can get admissions to private medical colleges as about 15% seats are allocated for NRI admissions. Please refer following article for more info on medical admissions

MBBS Options in Top Private Medical Colleges in India under NRI Quota


3)    What are the options in Govt/Private technical institutes other than DASA  scheme administered by NIT-Surathkal for NRIs/PIOs?

It is to be noted that the following institutes have their own separate schemes for NRIs or International Students and the application for the same has to be completed on the respective Institute’s website:

IIIT-Hyd, BITS-Pilani (Pilani, Goa, Hyd camps), BIT-Mesra, Thapar Univ,  VIT Vellore, DA-IICT Ahmedabad, COE-Pune, HBTI-Kanpur, MIT-Manipal, Nirma, COE Guindy, Amrita, SRM, MS Ramaiah, RV College, Jaypee Inst of IT.

So, if you have preference for a particular city, location or a private college, there are many other options for NRIs, other than DASA scheme.

4)    Which are the most popular institutes under DASA scheme?

NIT-Trichy, NIT-Surathkal, DTU, NIT-Warangal, IIIT-Delhi, NSIT, NIT-Calicut, VNIT- Nagpur, SVNIT-Surat, MNNIT-Allahabad, IIIT-Allahabad, IIIT-Kancheepuram are the 12 most popular institutes per previous years preference by NRIs/PIOs. These are followed by NIT -Jaipur, NIT-Delhi, PEC, MANIT-Bhopal, NIT-Jamshedpur, NIT-Kuru, NIT-Rourkela, NIT-Goa, NIT-Durgapur and NIT Hamirpur.

5)    Which are the most popular institutes for CSE?

  1. IIIT-Hyd
  2. DTU=NITK=NITT=NITW=IIIT-D=NSIT (choose anyone depending on convenience)
  3. NIT Calicut=MNNIT (choose anyone depending on convenience)
  5. NIT-Kuru, NIT-Rourkela, NIT-Durgapur and NIT Jalandhar.


6) Which are the most popular institutes for ECE?



7) Which are the most popular institutes for Mech?

  1. DTU

8) Which are the most popular institutes for Other Branches?

Please choose in the order of SAT2 Cut-off score for 2016-17 provided at the website.  (higher SAT 2 cut-off being better institute). Generally,



9)    Are NRIs eligible to compete to get merit seat (at normal resident fee) for Engg and Medical Colleges?

NRIs are fully eligible to give competitive exams like JEE-Main and JEE-Advance for engineering colleges and AIPMT/NEET for medical colleges and pay normal resident Indian fee if they qualify in the exam.

10)    What shall be the basis of preparing Merit List for the scheme?

Merit list shall be prepared on the basis of SAT Subject Test (SAT II) aggregate scores of Maths Level 2, Physics and Chemistry. While a total score of 2400 in PCM would guarantee a seat in the preferred college and the branch, a minimum score of 1440 (60%). In case of a tie, the Date of Birthis used as tie-breaker where older applicant is favored

www.collegeboard.com is the official agency to administer SAT II tests.

SAT II Subject Tests: Everything About It

11)    Do I need to appear for SAT I (Aptitude Test) before SAT II (Subject Tests)

No. Only SAT II (Subject Tests) are required to be given for DASA.

12) What is the fee for DASA admissions

As of 2016, the fee per year is $8000. CIWG applicants (Children of Indian Workers in Gulf) need to pay about $1400 per year (equal to resident Indians on merit).


Part-B  Academic Eligibility (for Undergraduate Courses)


  1. Question : What is the minimum requirement to qualify for application?

Answer            : Applicant must have passed the qualifying examination, i.e. Senior Secondary [10+2] or equivalent [See Appendix-I of Brochure] from any system of education as recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (www.aiuweb.org).

  1. Question : What is the minimum requirement in +2 /qualifying examination?

Answer            : A candidate should have a minimum of 60% aggregate (or 6.50 CGPA on a 10 point scale or equivalent) in the qualifying examination. The qualifying examination, shall include all subjects as mentioned in qualifying examination Mark sheet.


  1. Question : Is Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics compulsory in qualifying examination?

Answer            : Candidates must have passed the qualifying examination, i.e. Senior Secondary [10+2] or equivalent from any system of education as recognized by the Association of Indian Universities with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects and any one of these as optional subjects( Chemistry, Bio-technology, Computer Science, Biology) in 11th AND / OR 12th, as applicable in the respective boards.


  1. Question : What type of document to be submitted to show the proof of study abroad (for Indian Nationals studying abroad)

Answer      : A certificate on the school letter head (format in Appendix III of Admission Brochure) duly signed by the Headmaster/ Headmistress/ Principal with the seal of the school where the student last studied giving the details of the total number of years and the classes studied.


  1. Question    : Are the NATA scores required for the DASA admission to apply for B. Arch ?

Answer            : DASA admissions needs only SAT Subject test scores (Physics, Chemistry and Maths Level II) even if you are applying for B. Arch. Admission.


  1. Question    : Is there any age restriction for the applicants?

Answer      :   For Under graduate courses, only applicants born on or after October 01, 1991 are eligible.


  1. Question    : My daughter is a PIO Card Holder and has been studying in India since 2004. I would like to know what option should she select for JEE Mains 2016 Entrance exam?

Answer      :   JEE Mains 2016 is a separate entrance exam and is not connected to DASA-2016 admissions in any way. DASA-2016 cannot provide any advice on this. Please look on JEE website for more details.


  1. Question        : I am currently doing my Grade 12 in DPS Sharjah. I wanted to pursue B.Arch in NIT. What are the eligibility criteria under DASA scheme? Do I need to take NATA test?

Answer      :    For admission through DASA-2016, SAT score is the requirement. NATA is not needed.


  1. Question : I am currently studying in class XII Science in India (CBSE Board).  I  have  Indian Citizenship, but my father has Gulf Country Citizenship (GCC). Am I eligible for NRI Quota admissions or any other quota?

Answer      :   No, you are not eligible under DASA scheme.


Q. I have given 11th and 12th class examination and my certificate is combined provided by my School. What should I upload for 11th class certificate?

Ans: You can get the letter from your school mentioning that you have studied 11th Class and 12th Class in that school and country and the certificate provided by school is combined for both Classes.


Q. As per the UG Brochure, I am supposed to upload the documents such as visa copy, letter from the employer ,passport copy and work permit of the parent working in the gulf. I wanted to check whether all these copies are to be attested, and if so, by whom? or can I upload them without attestation.


A. All the documents are to be self attested, If any supporting documents are in languages other than English or Hindi, authenticated translated copy of the documents in English or Hindi must also be provided.


Q. My daughter appeared 12th AISSCE exam last month.result will be announced in may month.if i submitted the online application before result declare ,how i need to send the result to you.


A. Original documents are to be produced at the time of admission at the allotted institute. The admitting institute will be responsible for verification of documents and ensuring that all required documents as per rules are available.


Part-C Residential Eligibility


  1. Question : I am a foreign national studying in India. Am I eligible for DASA?

Answer            : Yes. As long as you hold a valid foreign passport/visa etc., you are eligible for DASA. However you should satisfy other mandatory conditions.


  1. Question : Proof of residential requirement (For Foreign Nationals)

Answer        : Copy of the passport issued by their respective countries  (Nationals of Nepal who do not have a passport, copy of Authenticated Citizenship Card has to be submitted).

  1. Question : My son is at present studying in Andhra Board in Hyderabad for 12th standard.

He has completed his 10th standard exam from CBSE board in U.A.E. We are still NRE for last 18 years. Can he apply through DASA?

Answer : Applicants must be Foreign Nationals/Persons of Indian Origin/Overseas Citizen of India who have completed the qualifying examination in any country (including India) OR

Indian  Nationals  studying  abroad.  In  case  of  Indian  Nationals,  they  must  have completed the 11th and 12th standard or equivalent from outside India.

  1. Question : My son is born and brought up in Bahrain, studied till 10th std in New Indian School. At present he is doing his 11th and 12th in Kerala’s one FIITJEE oriented school. I would like to know whether he can take the facility of DASA scheme. He has Indian Passport.

Answer : No. He is not eligible. Please see DASA-2016 website for detailed eligibility conditions.

  1. Question : I am residing in Dubai, my Son is also resident of Dubai but he studied 11 and 12th in Delhi. Is he eligible for Admission under DASA Program, he is having valid UAE resident Visa and myself is still living in Dubai.

Answer : If the candidate is a foreign passport holder and did his 11th and 12th from India, he is eligible to apply. Please see the admission brochure for more details.

  1. Question : My son is in India and appeared for 10th grade CBSE exam scheduled in March’16 in India. I am planning to bring him in USA after his 10 grade academic session is over. How he will get admission for engineering courses in India once his XII is over in USA?

Answer : If candidate is an Indian citizen but doing 11th and 12th from USA, he is eligible in principle for applying through DASA scheme (as per the prevailing rules of DASA scheme as on date). However, you are advised to check the eligibility criteria for any changes made by Ministry at that time. Please see the admission brochure for more details.

  1. Question : My son is born in US and holds a US Passport. He also holds PIO card. Both, me and my husband, are Indian and we are living in India currently. My son has done schooling in India and is writing CBSE Class XII exam this year. Will he be eligible for admission under DASA ?

Answer : Yes, he is eligible as per rules for admission through DASA scheme, as he is holding a foreign passport and has done XI and XII from India.


Part- D   SAT Subject Tests (for Undergraduate Courses)


  1. Question : What is SAT-Subject exam? Which subjects should be taken in SAT-Subject test?

Answer            : SAT subject tests were earlier known as SAT-II. This is administered by ‘College board’ USA. (please see www.collegeboard.com for more details). For DASA admissions, a candidate should have taken Mathematics level II, Physics and Chemistry in SAT subject tests.

  1. Question :Is there any minimum scores set for SAT Subject Tests?

Answer : Along with other eligibility conditions, a minimum of 1440 SAT Score (Physics+Chemistry+MathsII) will entitle your application to be considered for merit preparation.

  1. Question : When can a candidate take SAT subject tests?

Answer            : You can take tests anytime but ensure that the scores reach NIT Srinagar latest by 01st June 2016. (For more details and correct information on SAT Subject Tests Examination please see : http://sat.collegeboard.com/register/sat-dates)

  1. Question : Where can I write my SAT subject tests?

Answer            : Please use the link given here: http://sat.collegeboard.com/register/sat-code-search in this web page, select ‘test centers’ in the ‘search by’ field. In the ‘Select region’ field, select the country where you want to write the test. A list of test centers would be displayed.

  1. Question : When is SAT organized?

Answer            : The SAT is offered at least seven times each year in the U.S. and six times internationally. It is offered in October, November, December, January, March (U.S. only; SAT only), May and June. Visit SAT website for more details.

  1. Question : Who administers the SAT?

Answer            : The “College Entrance Examination Board” USA on behalf of ETS (Education Testing Services) conducts the SAT.

  1. Question : How do I get Help on SAT

Answer            : Follow the link http://sat.collegeboard.org/help/


  1. Question : How many times can you take the test?

Answer            : You can take the test as many times as you want. Your score report will show your current test score, plus scores for up to six SAT and six subject test administration dates. SAT is held about 5 times a year.

  1. Question : How can I guarantee that I’ll get my first choice of test center for SAT when I register?

Answer : Test center assignment is done on a “first come, first served” basis. So although College Board cannot guarantee that you’ll get your first choice of test center when you register, registering early gives you the best chance of getting the test center you want. Remember that you can register in advance for any test date during the year, not just the next schedule date. You can also register online for the following year’s test dates beginning in May.

  1. Question : How does DASA evaluate SAT scores?

Answer            : DASA or NIT Srinagar does not evaluate the SAT score. The evaluation is done by the College Board USA. DASA simply uses the score received from College Board to determine merit. Please visit the website of College Board to see the evaluation process.

  1. Question : How is SAT related to College admission?

Answer            : The SAT is a globally recognized college admission test that lets you show colleges what you know and how well you can apply that knowledge. It tests your knowledge of reading, writing and math subjects that are taught every day in high school classrooms. High school grades and SAT scores is the best predictor of your academic success in college.

  1. Question : SAT subject scores of individual subjects in case of multiple attempts.

Answer            : The best scores of the individual subjects in case of multiple attempts will be taken for consideration and summed up for merit list preparation. Therefore, candidate must send (through college board) only that score which shall be considered for merit preparation.

  1. Question: Can the candidate send the SAT score directly to NIT Srinagar?

Answer            : No. They have to inform College Board to send the scores directly specifying the Institute code of NIT Srinagar. The Institute code is 7283. Internet downloaded score cards are not acceptable.

  1. Question: In SAT Subject Test, if I get more than 1440 in 2 subjects,(eg. Physics and Maths) is it enough to send only these 2 subject test scores for DASA admission.

Answer            : You should send Physics, Chemistry and Maths Level II SAT Subject Test scores to DASA admissions, otherwise you are not considered to be eligible for the admission.

  1. Question : Can we apply for DASA admission using June 2016 SAT Subject Test scores?

Answer            : June 2016 SAT Subject Test scores will be considered only for SPOT round of admissions provided it reaches NIT Srinagar by the dates as specified in the admission  brochure.


  1. Question : I have already sent the SAT score to NIT Jaipur which coordinated DASA admissions last year (DASA-2015). Can it be transferred to NIT Srinagar/Do I need to send it again to NIT Srinagar?

Answer            : The SAT score needs to be sent directly to NIT Srinagar (through College Board only). There is no arrangement that the scores can be obtained/retrieved from NIT Jaipur. If you have sent the score to NIT Jaipur, you need to send it again afresh to NIT Srinagar for it to be considered for admissions through DASA-2016.


  1. Question : I want to know if I can appear for SAT exam on 2nd May 2016 and send scores to your college before 1st June 2016? Will I be eligible for DASA seat allotment procedure as I want to improve my SAT scores?

Answer            : Yes, provided your SAT score reaches by closing date of 1st June 2016. For details visit www.dasnit.org.


  1. Question:  I had taken SAT exam on 24 Jan 2016. My scores are available now. When will I have to send the scores (just now or in month of April) ?

Answer            : You can send the scores to us (through College Board USA) anytime.


  1. Question:  If I send current score card of 3 subjects and again in May of 3 subjects, will best score of

each subject from both score cards be considered?

Answer            : Yes, we will consider the best scores if we receive multiple SAT scores.


  1. Question:  I guess it won’t be a problem if your Institute NIT Srinagar gets my 2 score cards and both having all 3 subjects marks. Will you consider best subject marks from either score card?

Answer            : Yes, we will consider the best scores of individual subjects from various SAT score cards (received through College Board USA) for preparing merit.


  1. Question: What if my latest SAT scores do not reach you before deadline of 1st June?

Answer            : We cannot consider any application unless we receive the SAT score. In case the latest SAT score does not reach us, we will consider any previous SAT score (if it has been sent by the College Board as requested by the candidate and received by us at NIT Srinagar) for preparing merit.


  1. Question: My Son is in 12th grade in American International School in Saudi Arabia. He has appeared for Math II and Physics in SAT. He will be appearing for Chemistry on May 2nd and will get the result by the end of the month will that score count if I fill the registration form for DASA in April?

Answer            : Yes, provided the score reaches us before closing date of 1st   June. We will consider the best scores out of various scores received till closing date.


  1. If a candidate gets a seat in Round 1, 2 or 3 and then wants to use New SAT score for Round 4 for up-gradation. will it be allowed?

Answer:  New SAT score for up gradation will be allowed. For complete details, please check section of UG Brochure.


  1. What are the deadlines for receipt of SAT scores for consideration in rounds?

Answer: The last date for receipt of SAT scores for DASA-2016 is as follows: 1st  June 2016 for Round 1, 2 and 3

1st  July 2016 for Round 4 25th  July 2016 for Spot Round

Please Note: All the dates are as per Indian Standard Time (IST)


Part- E    Fee Payment (for Undergraduate Courses)


1) Question : What is the mode of payment of fees?

Answer    : Two options are provided. (i) By SWIFT money transfer and (ii) by e-payment using debit/credit  card.  Necessary  instructions  have  been  provided  in  the  Admission brochure

2) Question : Can candidates from Nepal and Bhutan make payment in Indian Rupees ? Answer : Candidates from Nepal and Bhutan can pay their fees either in US Dollars or in

Equivalent Indian Rupees. However, in case of Rupee payment they are required to

get Exchange Rate Certificate from the bankers and submit the same along with the details and proof of fee payment. Please pay INR equivalent of the applicable fees (that is equivalent of USD 4300 for non-SAARC or USD 2300 for SAARC candidates).

  1. Question : When do I get my refund?

Answer            : The registration fee of US$ 300 will be non-refundable. If you are eligible for any refund as per the terms and conditions detailed in the brochure, all refund requests will be processed only after the completion of the entire admission process.

  1. Question : What about the charges if any charged by my bank?

Answer            : All charges must be born by the candidate. Please ensure that DASA receives the full amount of the prescribed fees, without any deductions.

  1. Question: If a candidate declines in Round 1, 2 and 3 then for Round 4     whether the candidate will have to pay only 50% fees or full fee?

Answer: 50% fresh payment to be made by the candidate. As 50% tuition fee is available with DASA from earlier rounds. For re registration fee of USD 300 is to be paid again.


  1. Question: If a candidate does not get any seat during Round 1 to 4, whether the candidate has to pay USD 300 as registration fee again for SPOT round.

Answer: No fresh registration fee to be charged


Q. I am presently in India and I don’t have foreign account, how can I pay in USD ?

A. Foreign account is not necessary. For payment if your credit card is Indian but internationally accepted and can make payments beyond 1 lakh then you can pay online but only in USD.

Q. I only wanted to know whether the payment can be made in equivalent Indian Rupee from my NRI Account Debit Card, or I have to make the payment through an international Credit Card (for example issued in Saudi Arabia). I would appreciate if you could please clarify this.?

A. Payments have to be made in USD only. INR payment will be rejected. Candidates from Nepal and Bhutan only can pay equivalent INR.

Q: Can I get refund in my bank account in India ?

A. Yes, provided that the bank account within India is of type NR-O.


Part- F   Application Form Filling

  1. Question : Can I update mandatory fields in the application form after submission?

Answer            : No. Once mandatory fields are filled and application submitted, it cannot be changed. Also it may be noted that in any case, you cannot submit the online application form, without filling the mandatory fields.


  1. Question : Do I need to send the printed hard copy and any other documents through post? OR Is submission of online application sufficient for seat allocation?

Answer :          No, you are not required to send hard copy/any other document to DASA office. The

printed and signed copy of the submitted online application form is not required by DASA office. Only online submission of the application (along with scanned copy of requisite documents, photograph and signature to be uploaded as mentioned in the brochure) is sufficient. However, the applicants can download and print a copy of submitted application form for their records. All the original documents including the signed hard copy of application form must be produced at the time of reporting for admission at the respective Institute (where the students gets admission) for verification.


  1. Question : Do you require photographs in application?

Answer            : YES. A recent passport size photograph (JPG format of size < 100kB) needs to be uploaded.


  1. Question    : Can we send the hard copy of the application and documents through courier?

Answer            : The hard copy of application form or other documents is not required to be send to DASA.


  1. Question    : Which browser is compatible for filling the online form for DASA admission?

Answer            : For filling the form we recommend Chrome version 18.0 or Firefox version 11.x.

Internet Explorer (IE) is not recommended.


  1. Question    : I have not applied online in April- May 2016 can I apply for Round 4 ?

Answer            : New applicants are allowed in Round 4. Please see Section of Admission Brochure for details.


  1. Question    : I have not applied online in April- May 2016 can I apply for Spot Round?

Answer            : New applicants are allowed in Spot Round. Please see Section 2.6.5 of Admission Brochure for details.


  1. Question    : I have withdrawn my application can I re-register for Round 4 ?

Answer            : Yes applicants who have declined their allotments or withdrawn their applications are eligible to re-register for Round 4. Please see Section of Admission Brochure for details.


  1. Question    : I have withdrawn my application can I re-register for Spot Round?

Answer            : Yes applicants who have declined their allotments or withdrawn their applications are eligible to re-register for Spot Round. Please see Section 2.6.5 of Admission Brochure for details.


  1. Question  : How manyy maximum choices of institute/branch can be made in the form? Is it mandatory to fill all or we could fill less choices from the maximum number permitted.?

Answer            : No limit, however you may include as many you want.


11) Question: With reference to DASA 2016 Admission, we are staying in U.A.E and my daughter studying in Class 12. If She wanted to admit for collage admission through DASA. She cleared her SAT Subject test with excellent score. We go through DASA website for online application and come to know that we have to open an account for Online application which start from 1st April 2016 but we could not found any link for account creation. please help us how to open  an account for DASA 2016 admission.

And also please advice us what is the procedure for sending SAT Score to NIT Srinagar through Collage Board

Answer:              The online application will be visible starting from 1st April. The procure to fill the application is available in the brochure and the details of filling in the form is given there.

Once you have given SAT you have to mention the Institutional College ID of NIT

Srinagar to College Board USA so that they can send the score directly to us. Incase you havent done yet, you can contact College Board USa and inform them to send the SAT score of the candidate to National Institute of Technology Srinagar (J&K). Institution ID: 7283.


Part- G     Miscellaneous queries


  1. Question : Can you help us in getting Visa?

Answer : All selected Foreign nationals must obtain a valid student visa as applicable to their category issued by the Indian Missions abroad. The visa can be obtained by producing the Provisional Admission offer letter and other required documents at the Indian Missions located in their respective country. It will be the responsibility of the candidate to arrange appropriate visa, and DASA does not play any role in arranging Visa.

  1. Question : I wish to know name of top 3 NITs and about the SAT score needed for admission in those top 3 NIT college, and together total cost of 4 years study?

Answer : DASA-2016 cannot advice on the ranking of Institutes. The seats in the Institutes will be allotted based on SAT score and choice of the candidate taken together. Please see the DASA-2016 brochure for details of seat allotment and the fee structure.

  1. Question : I am looking for PhD admission in architecture/planning under NRI category. Can you please help me in this regard?

Answer :   DASA-2016 does not facilitate admissions for PhD. Please visit the DASA website for

available courses and disciplines.

  1. Question : I need some information regarding DASA. My son is studying in Singapore. Can he get admission in second year in under graduation. He studied diploma in Singapore.

Answer : DASA-2016 provides admission in the first year only.  At present there is no provision of admission in second year for diploma holders.

  1. Question : I am an Indian student studying in Nepal, I hold an Indian passport but in my passport there is middle name but in my qualifying exam there is no middle name will it be okay to apply for DASA 2016?

Answer : Ideally the name in the qualifying exam, passport, SAT score and other documents should be exactly same. However, in above case, you must get a certificate/endorsement from your school authorities.


Part-H  Children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries (CIWG)


1.In which round 1/3 reserved category of CIWG is to be reverted to 2/3 quota if not filled?

Answer: Within the spot round. Therefore if the non-CIWG candidates want to compete for the reverted CIWG seats (General quota) for Spot Round, the candidates are advised to opt for CIWG seats as well besides seats of their own category while choice filling in Spot Round. However, they will have to pay the fee of the category of which they belong.


  1. If someone applies to CIWG but is not eligible, however he/she is eligible for NRI category. Whether application is to be considered under NRI? Matter may please be discussed in the light of fee requirements also, at the time of registration.

Answer: Candidate will have separate option for CIWG or NRI or both. In case candidate opts for both categories then he/she will have to pay fee applicable to NRI category (i.e. 4300 USD). Later on if candidate gets seat under CIWG, the additional amount due will be refunded as per rules.


  1. What proof is to be provided for CIWG category?

Answer: Appendix III which will be available in brochure has to be given, signed by the employer and also passport copy, visa copy, work permit (if any) of the parent working in Gulf.


  1. In case the seats of CIWG category are exhausted during counselling, whether candidate is eligible for other 2/3 quota?

Answer: Yes incase the candidate has opted for both CIWG as well as NRI (Indian students who have done their 11th and 12th outside India) and have paid full fee (4300 USD).


  1. Whether a candidate belonging to CIWG category is to be allowed in case candidate has done 11th and 12th outside Gulf country.

Answer: Yes, Candidate should qualify 11th and 12th from outside India. Academic eligibility remains same as in case of other DASA candidates.


  1. What is the Eligibility of CIWG ?

Answer: A candidate should have done 11th and 12th outside India and either of the parent should be working in a Gulf Country.


  1. How much I have to pay for CIWG category ?

Answer: Such a candidate has to make a payment of USD 300 as registration fee (non- refundable) and USD 700 towards tuition fee for one semester.


  1. I am an Indian national working in Dubai. My son got admission in NIT in 2015 under DASA scheme. Kindly advise whether the new rule of USD 700/- fee per semester for children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries (CIWG) is applicable to us. Last year I had paid UAS 8,000/- per annum.

Answer: We are coordinating admissions for year 2016, therefore we cannot comment regarding previous admissions.


  1. What shall be the admission procedure? Do we need to apply separately online or when we apply through DASA 2016, will there be any column to specify under CIWG we wish to take our admission?

Answer: Admission procedure is same. You will need to apply through the portal only which will be available from 1st April 2016. You do not have to apply separately but will have an option to choose the category.


  1. Can a student apply under both JEEMAINS on merit basis and DASA quota?


Answer: DASA is a separate admission procedure and does not have any involvement with JEE MAINS.


  1. The Appendix III is asking the employer to certify that the employee working in Gulf with child name and Passport No. The employer will certify the employee working in their organization (without child name & passport No. ). The reason behind this is Passport Number changes whenever the employee renew the passport and they don’t certify the child name as they feel that the child does not involve in employment of the employee.


  1. Parent Employment Contract Copy, Employment Continuation letter from Employer equivalent to Appendix-III as proof that the parent is working in gulf country (for CIWG category) with a period of working.


  1. Appendix II present on our website, which will be co-related with Passport copy of Candidate.


Part- I: Real Life Queries


Please note that the Gulf NRIs have two options in DASA Admission Portal: 1) Apply only for CIWG Seats 2) Apply for both CIWG and Normal seats. Choose the option per your preference. 


The major change in DASA scheme for 2016-17 is allocation of 1/3 seats for Gulf NRIs (CIWG) and resident Indian fee ($700 per semester) is applicable for these seats. For non-CIWG seats, the applicable fee of $4000 per sem is applicable. 


The best scores of PCM shall be considered by DASA. Please note that it is not necessary that all 3 subjects are given in a single day. Even if all 3 subject tests tests are given in a single day, if a candidate had best score in Maths in Oct, Phy in Nov and Chemistry in Dec, all the best scores  from Oct, Nov & Dec shall be considered together by DASA.


Choice Filling Sequence : 



1) Apply for 1/3 options (say 1-10th choice out of your total 30 (assumed)) for colleges/branches that look slightly difficult to get. There is obviously no need for colleges/branches that had cut-off of 2400 and if your score is 2250.

2) Apply for middle 1/3 options (say 11-20th ) for colleges/branches where you could just about get the seat last year or you are expected to get seat this year.

3) Apply for last 1/3 options (say 21-30th ) for colleges/branches where you could very easily get the seat last year or you are expected to get easily this year. Please understand the importance of these last choices just like top/middle choices. There were occasions in previous years where the cut-off suddenly jumped by 40-50 points. Students who had not planned for this eventuality/didn’t apply for lower tier colleges were not allotted any institute because of very few choices given by them on the portal. I strongly suggest to utilize as many choices as possible. 


CIWG Candidates 

Choice filling for both CIWG and Normal seats would be very personal affair. This involves the financial background of the person, the amount of love towards money or quality etc etc. However, examples could be given, say for CSE (just example, do not treat it as my personal preference- I really wish all to think about their own background and choose- there are no good templates)

Choice 1-9: CIWG CSE: DTU, NITK, NITT, NITW, IIITD, NSIT, NITK-IT, DTU-IT, DTU-SE (hypothetical reasoning: I am a north Indian and say my child has reservations to go to NITC)

Choice 10-14: Normal CSE: DTU, NITK, NITT, NITW, IIITD (Suppose I want SVNIT/VNIT/MNNIT-CIWG better than NSIT-normal, So NSIT not included)



Choice 30-36: CIWG CSE:NIT-Dgp, NIT-Rk, NIT-H,NIT-Kuru, NIT-Jal, MANIT, NIT-Goa


Queries for IIIT-Hyd

In this regard, please note my following personal views:

  • Non-CIWG Candidates: IIIT Hyd CSE is better than all colleges under DASA scheme. If you have score of 2370 onwards- you can hope to get CSE branch this year.
  • I do not suggest any branch other than CSE in IIITH (CLD, ECE etc. etc.). If you have done some research on these 5 year-branches then , please go ahead (I respect your views but please respect my right to have different position in this regard)
  • Those students who have scored less than 2300 in SAT2 and somehow hoping to get into IIIT-Hyd CLD/CND/XYZ); please note: the academic pressure and demand in IIIT-Hyd is very high and students below 2300 score typically would find extremely difficult to survive. This fact is very difficult to explain to parents since as parents we naturally over-estimate the capabilities of our wards.
  • CIWG Candidates: If you get into NITK, DTU, NITT, IIITD, NITW, NSIT please save your $$$$ and choose DASANIT over IIITH. Obviously, if you are financially well-off and do not care much about $$$$, you really don't need any advice what to choose- IIITH is a good option. If you can't get into these NITs, you probably cannot get into IIITH- so the comparison is even not required.


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  2. Dear Raj.
    1.  Kindly let me know the admission procedure for PIOs at NSIT, Delhi (Netaji Subhash Chandra Institute of Technology, Delhi.
    2.  Please tell me which is better for PEC Chandigarh, CSE or ECE?
    3. For CSE & ECE, which are best colleges in north india under DASA?

    • 1) NSIT doesn’t have any OCI/NRI seats.
      2) CSE is more in demand in every north India college
      3) DTU, MNNIT, IIIT-A, PEC, MNIT in that order for CSE

  3. Sir,
    After we have accepted admission Is change of branch possible at end of I year if reqd GPA is scored for DASA students.
    I have got CSE in NITW and want to change to Mech or ECE in second year.

    • Many IITs and NITs have their own system of branch change upon completion of 1st year based on CGPA. You can figure this out at the time of taking admissions at the respective college.

  4. which of the following choices would u recommend….MNNIT ALLAHABAD cs or DTU cs?

    • I kindly request readers to please go through the previous question/answers so as to not repeat the question on individual basis.

  5. Dear sir
    I would like to ask the question that why is DTU considered a better college when its AIEEE cut offs are 7263 for ECE and even pto 10,000 for other branches,compared to good NITs which have cut offs of about 5000 for ECE considering outlook n other surveys.Why do AIEEE students not prefer it?

    • I suggest to compare All India Rank for outside-state candidates. If you only consider closing state rank than NITK would fare poorly- since fewer students qualify in AIEEE from Karnataka. DTU has very strong outside-state closing rank.

  6. My daughter is a PIO card holder and has studied all her life in India (CBSE). What are her options for studying biology at the degree level in India? Institutes like IISER have good programmes but apparently do not allow foreign students and there is no category for PIO/OCI/NRI. Do you have any information on places that do accept such students for BS degree/integrated MSc/BS (honours) etc?

    • I suggest you visit EdCIL website since they allow foreign students into associated institutes listed on their website.

  7. Thanks alot Mr Raj
    You have helped me alot πŸ˜€
    I got into MNIT Jaipur for ECE!
    I also got 85% in my boards when i thought i would fail.
    Thank you again!

  8. Dear Sir, I found your website after weeks of surfing around, collecting information on how my son can get admissions to UG courses in India without having to take up AIEEE. I don't want my son to leave our Indian roots. You have provided invaluable information to people like me. My son is beginning 11th grade in US this year (ALL AP courses).
    One Question: Can he appear in individual SAT subject tests as soon as he finishes his class courses or Do they need to be taken one shot (all three – Math2+Chem+Physics). He'll complete Chemistry in 11th grade itself, whereas Physics & Math run into 12th grade as well.
    Best Regards,
    Raj Gaur.

    • It feels good you found some useful info here.
      The students can appear for SAT2 exam independently for individual subjects; no need to write all 3 exams on a single day.

  9. Dear Mr. Raj Tyagi,
    Thanks for the great efforts.  My daughter is doing he GCE- A-Level with Maths, chemistry & Biology
    She is intreseted in medicine or bioengineering in India.  When I see the requirements – they
    need Physics as a main subject.  But here in US,UK and Australia, Chemistry and Biology is the main
    subjects for Bio engineering or medicine.  
    1) If there is way my daugther can pursue degree in India.
    2) If she does SAT exam with Physics will that be considered
    3) or Do we have an alternate Physics exam she can take it in India
    with regards

  10. I ahve not applied for my son in Dasa scheme thinking that he will get IITH which he didnt got.Can he apply nowas fresh  in DASA in spot round..

  11. Are the IIIT-H results out ? Anybody got admissions and moving out of DASA program kindly update us. Thanks and good luck. Regards.

  12. Dear Raj and other parents of 2nd/3rd/4th yr students:
    My daughter is targetting for DASA 2013-14 and we are US permanent residents.  I have a few questions.
    1) do we get the US tax credit/deductions/American Opportunity Tax Credit when we file US taxes? http://febp.newamerica.net/background-analysis/federal-education-tax-benefits

    2) did you get any aid or scholarships in the US for their engineering eduction in India? If yes, can you provide the details.
    3) do we get any student loan? if yes, what is the typical interest rates? Did you claim #33 "Student loan interest deduction"  in 1040
    4) do we get 1098T for US Tax Purposes from indian colleges?
    5) what are other ways to get the tax benefits in the USA?
    If you know an more details on this, pls let me know.
    Thanks in advance

  13. Hello Mr Tyagi:
    At the outset, thank you so much for your help for NRI students.
    My daughter is in 11th grade this year in the USA and she will be preparing for DASA 2013-14 year. I have a few questions. We are NRIs with US Green card.
    1) Please confirm that actual fee in NITK is as follows
    (For I year DASA $7000/ SAARC $3500), for
    IIyear DASA $7000/SAARC$ 3500 or
    $3500/$1750 per sem/for III & IV year DASA
    $4000/SAARC $2000 per year or $2000/ $1000
    per semester towards Tuition fees)
    I see the same reduced fee structure for 3rd and 4th year on NIT Warangal website.
    2) What would be the tuition fee to be paid if my family decided to settle in India when my daughter is in  2nd/3rd/4th year of engineering through DASA admissions.
    3) What percentage of non-US students  ( I mean students from other countries) are typically there in the top 100/200 ranks admitted through DARA admissions.
    Thanks in advance.

    • 1) When 3 and 4th year students took admissions under DASA, the fee was $4000. The fee is fixed in the first year for all 4 years.
      2) $7000 for all 4 years
      3) Have no idea, the nationality is not published anymore. Since the admission is thru SAT scores all have equal opportunity to compete (unlike in previous years when 12TH board marks were used for ranking)

      • Hi Sir,
        My son's sat score is 1850 and he got seat @ VNIT Nagpur for EEE in the first list but we had given upgradation but in the second list also the position remain same. I would like to ask you whether there is any chance of him getting in Calicut.
        Also would like to know whether through internal sliding can he change from EEE to CSE in Nagpur?

        • Looks difficult. You can give new choices if not accepted any branch yet- you may get CSE in Nagpur as well. Please do not rely on internal sliding as it depends on college if they do internal sliding or not. It is outside of DASA rules and treat this sliding thing like lottery only.

  14. Dear Sir,
    My sons SAT II scores are 2050. Our choices were CSE-NITW, ECE – NITW, CSE- NITC and CSE-MNNIT. We have been allotted CSE-MNNIT. But our preference is CSE/ECE at NITW. What are his chances of upgrade to NITW. Also is it possible to skip NITC completely and retain MNNIT in case we do not get ECE/CSE at NITW but get allotted to NITC? 
    What are his chances at CSE in IIIT,Hyd?
    Thanks a ton for your guidance at every step.

    • No, you cannot skip any of the higher choices.
      For CSE, MNNIT is one of the best amongst all NITs.

  15. For DASA addmission I gave the option for ECE in selected college My SATScore is 1950 because of this I didnot get the allotment in the Ist list.

    If I donot get in next 2 chances I need to try for spot addmisson. will I be allowed to give more college & subject option during that time. what will be the procedure for the Spot addmission.

    • Spot admission is first-come-first-serve for all the vacant seats. In essence, you may not get any decent seat in top 5-6 institutes but can get almost anything in other colleges which have remained empty (just about 700 seats filled in top 5-6 institutes out of 2000 total)

  16. Dear Raj sir,
    pl help me to get answer, if we returrned back to india after 8 years schooling i.e after 12th CBSE with 93 %marks. am I still eligible for admission in NITs through DASA scheme
    Pl revert

  17. My sat scores did not reach dasa office yet. College board says my order is still pending. What happens if sat scores reach late?

    • I really do not know the internal processes of DASA admin so you would be better off asking the query to the people who administer the scheme. I can only suggest that keep your options open for on-the-spot seats in DASA. In addition, you may also apply in other institutes like DTU.

  18. can i get a seat at Surathkal with a SAT score of 2300 for Computer Science? 

  19. Dear Mr. Tyagi,
    First of all many thanks for your excellent service via your blog. I have been living in India as OCI since 2008. I have a SAT Score of 2180, estimated AIEEE score of 166, and BITSAT score of 275. My CBSE 12th results would be out tomorrow. Would I be eligible for DASA ? If not, what other avenues/colleges would you suggest ? – Thanks for all your help.

    • You could be eligible for DASA. However, you would have to give SAT2 exam. Please go thru DASA brochure to start with. You could try on-the-spot seat allocation.

  20. Dear sir,
    I am a studious student and expecting atlest 94% in ASSCE 2012.
    But unfortunately I scored just 1900 in sat2. I'm interested to join cse or IT under DASA in trichy/calicut/suratkal
    Also I would like to know if this % is good for SPDC scheme 
    Please comment sir!! 

    • IT is possible with the scores. SPDC has certain criteria on parents income, however, 94% scores would look good. By the way what is this ASSCE 2012??

  21. Hello Sir, I am Confused regarding which course to take ECE or CSE, pls help me and which NIT is the best for it, my sat score is 2350
    thank you

    • There is a specific post for choosing between ECE/CSE. Just google AIEEE cut-off ranks for specific branch to know the relative demand.

  22. There are 20 seats available in IIIT Hyderabad for students from abroad . The Cut off for admission would be?

    • IIIT-H don’t publish cut-off. The criteria may also include an interview, so no easy answer.

  23. i'm appearing I B D P  2012 examination in india, my parents are in abroad ,i studied abroad till 10th (C B S E) . Is  there any chance for me to write sat in june to get admission for engineering this yr . b'cos i dont want to loose yr.

  24. Dear Mr Tyagi  good morning
    we have heard that we should accept once the first list is declared,someone advised us that we should accept and further upgrade.Kindly tell us what should be done if the college of our choice is not allocated in the 1st list and also pls try to advise us with 30 course options in hand,  how should we proceed to fill up the form giving priority for NIT surathkal
    Awaiting your response
    Thank You

    • Please refer to below clause on seat allotment First List of Allotment: Candidates while accepting the seat allotment, if interested, can give their willingness for upgradation of institute / course as per their original choices given at the time of filling the application. If in case no upgradation takes place due to unavailabilty of their higher choices, the previous allotment will be retained.
      For filling-up 30 choices, some people prefer instutute and others prefer a branch in any institute. Personally I prefer a branch in any of top 5 institutes.

  25. Dear Mr Tyagi   hello
    We have just seen your site  and we really appreciate your efforts to make people like us aware.We just want to know what should be the cutoff score for getting EEE  in Nit surathkal and Nit trichy.What is your recommendation whether to go for EEE or ECE
    Thanking You in anticipation

  26. Sir,
    I am an Indian National Currently, i am appeared for  12th Board  Exams in Dubai and have got 2160 SAT scores . I have completed 4 years of study here in Dubai.  There is little confusion here , am i eligible for concessional fees of $ 3750/- or the same fees is applicable of $ 7250/- for me. Am i also eligible for Scholarship or any concessional fees, pls clarify, Thanks 

  27. sir,
    i got 1880 in SAT 2.can i get admission into nit warangal for mechanical or civil engineering??

  28. Could you tell me the cutoff's for NIT's Warangal and Trichy for Mechanical Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering? Your doing a gr8 job here!

  29. Hello sir, 
    I would like to know what is the minimum score i require in SAT 2 for getting Electical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) in NIT-Warangal, especially considering the large number of students that have registered for DASA this year. 
    Last year the cut off was about 1880, by how much might it increase this year?

    • I am expecting that this year the candidates would need about 50 more points than last year (however I can be completely wrong here)