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There are 3 ways in which children of NRIs can be admitted to engg institutes in India. NRI students desirous of seeking MBBS admissions in medical colleges have only one way to get admitted- private medical colleges under NRI Quota (there is a separate post on this topic here) . Following discussions is useful for engineering admissions:

1) The DASA scheme for NRIs in NITs: Main criteria is that the NRI student has to study 2 years (11th and 12th) outside india, get SAT 2(Subject Tests) score above 1440 in physics, chemistry & Maths and pass 12th qualifying exam with min. 60% marks. More than 30 reputed NITs, IIIT and PEC are covered under this scheme. Annual fee is about $7000.

The details of DASA Scheme 2010-11 has been published by NIT-Surathkal and details are available at separate post link per below

DASA Scheme 2014-15 Admission to NITs for NRIs-Brochure

The list of colleges/institutes under this scheme, number of seats/branches for each institute and the application form can be downloaded from DASA/NRI Quota . The admissions to IITs is not applicable under DASA Scheme or NRI Quota or any other scheme. The admissions to IIIT Hyd is conducted separately , also called DASA Scheme by IIIT-Hyd, for which the details are available here.

2) NRI Quota: The key criteria is that the student has to to pass 11 & 12 from outside india with min 60% marks. VIT, PSG College, Thapar Institute-Patiala, RV College, DAI-IT-Ghandinagar, VJTI and Manipal are some of the other reputed colleges with NRI Quota (However, the fee varies from $8000 to $11000 per year). For more information on NRI Quota, please visit DASA/NRI Quota section of this website.

3) NRI sponsored Quota: The key difference being the NRI sponsored student need not pass 11 & 12th from outside india. The sponsor (father/mother/brother/sister) should be an NRI as per IT rules. Many private colleges (including VIT-Vellore) have few seats under this scheme. NO NIT has this quota. Please see below list of prominent private Institutes with whom EdCIL has MOU and offer NRI Quota including NRI sponsored category. However, it is advisable to contact these institutes to confirm if they still have a valid MOU for NRI Quota. The annual fee for NRI Sponsored Quota can range between US$7000 (RV College Bangalore), VIT-Vellore ($9000) to US$9000 (Thapar -Patiala)

NRI Sponsored Quota: List of Institutions (Arts/Science/Law) having MOU with EdCIL (Refer Appendix-C)

Now, list of NITs most preffered by NRIs (in the order of ranking under DASA scheme)

DTU, NIT-Surathkal, NIT-Trichy, NIT-Warangal, NIT-Calicut, IIIT-Delhi, PEC, MNNIT-Allahabad and IIIT-Allahabad are the most popular per previous years preference by NRIs/PIOs.


The above list is followed by NIT -Jaipur, MANIT-Bhopal, VNIT-Nagpur, NIT-Kuru, NIT-Rourkela, SVNIT-Surat, NIT-Durgapur and NIT Jalandhar.



Starting from 2010, DASA scheme merit list would be based on SAT II scores in Maths II, Physics and Chemistry. It would be prudent to score in excess of 730(out of 800) in each of the 3 subjects in SAT II to have any hope of getting the branch and college of your choice.


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  1. Dear Raj

    Parents and Students are gradually coming to terms with the sudden change in the Admission procedures for DASA Schemem starting this year.
    My son will be writing his standard 12th exam (PCM) in 2011. I gathered some information from the Net about this SAT II exam.
    I have a certain basic questions.
    What if my son writes the SAT II in May/June 2010 and also in march 2011. I read your post on the information of SATII and am thinking of asking my son to appear for SAT II in May and June this year.
    What is the Validity of the SAT II Score? i.e. Will the may/Jne 2010 score be considered in 2011 DASA or he has to appear in march 2011 only?
    Also is there any ceiling on the no, of times you take the SATII.
    What is your take on this?
    Is it adviceable to take the SATII so early on in the Standard 12th?
    Also I feel on 1.04.2010 when thye publish the procedure, there would be some weightage given for PCM % also…..what do you say?

    Atul P

    • Dear Atul,
      Since DASA rules are not yet published, I can give some info about US colleges on SAT. For US colleges, the SAT scores have validity of 2 years. There is no ceiling on the attempts, however, all the scores go to the chosen colleges and most colleges consider the best score. Giving SAT exam for more than 2 times is not considered good by US colleges. Most of the topics in SAT II are from 11/10 std and only 1/2 chapters are from CBSE 12th std. Most students give SAT II first attempt during May/June (when 11th std topics are fresh) and second attempt (to improve score) during Oct/Nov.

  2. Dear Raj,

    Thank you for the information regarding this year’s admission procedure through DASA scheme. I also went through other correspondence in your blog and found it very informative. I have a few questions.

    1. For B.Arch what was the percentage of marks required last year for admissions to NIT Calicut &
    Trichy ? (Just for information)

    2. How do you compare NIT Calicut/Trichy to RV college B’lore and Manipal Inst. of Tech. for B.Arch
    course ?

    3. Is there heavy demand for B.Arch course in DASA scheme ?

    Thanks & regards


    • Dear Prakash,
      1) About 90%
      2) NIT-Trichy & Calicut are much better than the two private colleges listed by you for B Arch.
      3) B Arch is not in heavy demand, particularly amongst high rankers in DASA. However, the number of seats are also few for B Arch.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I would like to have your valuble suggestion regarding the order of choice of NITs and other colleges ( for Mech. branch) in DASA scheme. Kindly provide the list in the order starting from the best . This is the second time I am requesting your valuble suggestion. Thanks a lot for your selfless service to the NRI students and anxious parents.


  4. Dear Sir,
    Im studying in KSA in XII grade ryt now(jus completed my XI std xam wid 79% )…….wat is the minimum cut off percentage required in PCM for ECE, mechanical n computer science engineering…..im planning to join NIT surathkal as im from mangalore. im particularly good in computer science and maths!!! which branch wud actually suit me n which branch do u expect to blossom in the future?

    • DASA scheme rules have changed from this year as SAT II has been introduced in place of PCM%. Therefore, no meaning in talking about PCM%. Computers should be good as you have interest in it but try to improve your academic performance.

  5. Hi.

    I read up on the new procedure for application to the DASA scheme i.e. writing the SAT 2 etc.

    I would like to pursue architecture and the criteria for this course in most colleges is Maths at the 12th grade level.

    Will I still have to attempt the Physics and Chemistry SATS?

    Also in terms of 12th grade results being considered, is it still PCM or Mathematics only?

    thank you for your help

    • As you would know by now, the new DASA procedure would be out on 1 Apr 10. Till last year in DASA, all the three subject % (PCM) were considered for all- BTech or B Arch. Just go thru last year DASA brochure available on this blog.

  6. Dear Sir,

    Kindly let me if my daughter who is currently appearing for 12th CBSE exams can still apply in DASA/NRI quota for BArch course in one of the colleges taking students under this scheme. She has done her complete schooling in Dubai.

    If so when and where should we apply ?

    Thanks & regards


  7. hello sir!!!!!!!!!
    I loved your blog and must thank you for doing this great task. i am student from nepal. i was seeking admission to NITS through dasa scheme. and i think new scheme is good for me as my pcm was not so good. so now i can prepare sat II well.

    sir can’t we apply dasa scheme ourself? or we should go through some agent of ed cil. IN nepal there is one agent which says it is authorised representative of edcil for nepal. but it chares extra 2,000$.it says by giving $2000 we can get seat through dasa scheme. and if we go on ourself there is no guarantee of seat in NITS.

    so sir please help me. sir can’t we apply to dasa ourself????????? sir cant we send required documents and draft required amount to office of edcil india, directly?

    thank you. and kudos to your kind work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dear Milan,
      You can directly apply for DASA scheme yourself. There is ABSOLUTELY no need to go thru any agent in Nepal or anywhere. To be fair, the scheme was implemented till last year by EdCIL in the most transparent way. This year the scheme would be implemented by NIT-Surathkal and you would need to apply there directly, once more details of the scheme are announced on 1 Apr 10. See more detail at below link and there is a new post also on dasa scheme on this blog

    • SAT II is lot easier than AIEEE. Don’t take my words for it and get the syllabus overview yourself. For example in SAT II Maths, there is no integral calculus, differential eqn, vector algebra, binomial theorem and so many things. However, the topics which are there, one should have good concepts. My request to all on the board is- Take this easier exam with the same seriousness of Board/AIEEE/JEE so as to score 740-760+ in each subject since that would be a license to get the branch and college you always dreamt off.

  8. Dear Mr.Raj n Nina,

    First of all, I’d like to congratulate u on the excellent advice.
    My son is studying in 11th in Muscat. Rgdg the NRI quota in nit trichy, does it also require SAT II scores like that of the DASA. I think NIT trichy has got separate NRI quota other than the DASA seats. Pls confirm this. If so, what wud be requirement for NRI quota seats. CBSE marks or SAT scores? My son’s passport address is Trichy. Is he eligible for NRI quota? What is the cut-off for Mech. Eng in NITT by NRI quota?

  9. Dear raj n nina,

    My son is studying in 11th std in Muscat. I’d like to know watz da criteria for Nri seats in Trichy? Is it based on CBSE marks or on SAT II scores like the DASA scheme.

    Watz the reqd. % for Mech in nitt?

    U r doin’ a gr8 job with ur info.

    Best Rgds,

    • Dear Rama,
      NIT-Trichy has not yet published notice on NRI Seats this year (published separately every year- no guarantee that it would be published at all and if PCM or SAT II would be criteria). However, last year like DASA scheme, they followed PCM%. The competition used to be very tough for these seats and above 95% in PCM could get ECE/CSE/Mech.

  10. Dear Raj,

    Thanks.You are always forthcoming with your advice which is very useful for anyone who has scarce knowledge in the field.

    Warm regards


  11. Dear Raj,

    Could you please advise me on the ranking of R V College of Engineering, Bangalore. Is it a good college for CSE?



    • Dear Gurvinder,
      It’s a good college and ranks in top 25 colleges. It follows after top6 NITs. Amongst private colleges (and having NRI seats), I like VIT,PSG,Thapar, RV College, Dhirubhai Ambani, Manipal, Jaipee Noida. Not beyond this.

  12. Thanks for all the info. you are really doing great job. I would like to know, how good is IET Lucknow as we are from Lucknow. We would like our daughter to go to IET Lucknow because of some family connections.

    • IET-Lucknow is ranked around top 50 colleges. I am not sure if you qualify for DASA and if yes, you would be sacrificing top ranked colleges for convenient location.

  13. Dear Raj,

    Asking students to apprear for SAT II at the 11th hour is quite unfair. I have sent the following email to the registrar today. Can anything be done in this regard please.

    Best regards

    Dear Sir,(addressed to the registrar of nitk)

    This has reference to your notification regarding admission of foreign students / NRIs through DASA.

    We would like to humbly submit to you that it would be quite unfair to advise students to appear for SAT II at the 11th hour. I am sure every student and parent is surprised at this notification. As you will appreciate, students need time and planning for appearing for examinations like SAT / AIEEE / IIT-JEE and such a short notice will be grossly inadequate and unjustified.

    Can you please reconsider your decision and revert to the existing system of admitting students based on %PCM at least for this year. You may stipulate such norms from next year onwards so that students can plan well in advanced and be prepared for these sort of examinations.

    Trust you will understand the position of students and do your best in this regard.

    Best regards

  14. I think It is a good idea to write our concern in the Government Portal for Public Grievances. Let us try all avenues. If it clicks in favour it will be to our benifit. Since people are from different regions, each person writing individually may be practical. Other members suggestions are solicited.


  15. Dear Raj

    Is there any hope in reviving the scheme by writing to the concerned ? I am really shocked that a ministry which is supposed to plan & execute , acts in such an hasty manner. Beleive it or not, when EDCIL officials visited Muscat last Nov, they kept on Reiterating that PCM % will be the driving factor. If there was even a small indication to deviate from the process, we could have been prepared. It is a very sad affair


  16. Dear Raj

    Your blog is amazing and very useful. I have never seen huge wealth of knowledge in one place.I would like to convey my heartiest wishes to your priceless service rendering to NRI community.

    I am from CEG-1984, Anna University. All of my family members are US Citizen. My family relocated to Chennai in 2004. My son is studying in CBSE School in Chennai. We do not want him to send to US for undergraduate studies but our option is limited in India. Being a PIO/FN, we are only eligible for DASA scheme (not AIEEE merit quota) in NITs. I would be grateful if you could kindly advise me on the following:

    1) Can we take SAT-II on May 01 and June 05? Do they consider SAT score the best out of two? Normally it will take 3 weeks to get SAT score from college board. Can ask college board send directly to NITK? If we take SAT on June 05, will it be too late for submitting score?

    2) Is PIO/FN eligible for AIEEE merit quota in IIT, Hyderabad? If not, do they have quota for PIO/FN?

    3) Jadavpur Univ, Faculty of Engg, Calcutta and Bengal Engg & Sc Univ, Shibpur and NSIT, Delhi are top-rated engineering colleges. Do they have quotq for PIO/FN?

    With thanks and regards

    • Dear KC,
      Thanks for complements.
      1) Your son can take SAT II exam on either or both dates. US colleges consider best score but DASA scheme has not yet specified how they would treat multiple scores. Since NITK website itself has suggessted for two exam dates ( 1 May & 5 June), it shall be perfectly OK to appear even on 5 June. Personally also I feel there would be enough time to process the merit list as candidates report to NITs beginning 15 July only.
      2) PIO/FN can not give AIEEE/IIT JEE (for this reason specifically, they are given admissions to NITs thru DASA under PIO/FN category) IIIT-Hyd has no NRI/PIO/FN quota.
      3) No quota in the listed colleges.

      • Thanks for your clarifications. I have another question

        “In order to be declared as having passed the examination, a candidate shall obtain a grade
        higher than E (i.e. at least 33% marks) in all the five subjects of external examination in the
        main or at the end of the compartmental examination. The pass marks in each subject of
        external examination shall be 33%. In case of a subject involving practical work a candidate
        must obtain 33% marks in theory and 33% marks in practical separately in addition to
        33% marks in aggregate in order to qualify in that subject.”

        As per CBSE website, Pass Criteria for CBSE Senior School Certificate Exam 2010 is higher than E grade in five subjects. My son is appearing for CBSE Exam in English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and Graphics. Total number of subjects is six . I am confused. What subjects should he get grade E or higher? Please advise me.

        Thanks and regards

  17. Thanks for your efforts to provide a lot of information regarding education for NRI children in india

    My daughter is studying in UAE for the last 6 years and appearing for her 10th board exams this march.She is taking PCM with Bio for 11th and want to purse higher studies in pure science(physics) or in biotechnologycan u just provide some information like best biotechnology collages or integrated five year Msc courses



    • Dear Narayanan,
      You have following two avenues
      1) Thru IIT JEE for Msc-Physics- 5year integrated course in few IITs (your daughter would require a rank of atleast around 4000-5000 in JEE)
      2) For Biotech, you can get admission in NIT thru DASA scheme- 3 colleges have this branch namely NIT-Wara, MNNIT-Allah., NIT-Durga (through AIEEE exam, you can have more options in other colleges))
      Good luck

  18. They can name any examination to be qualified for admission. HRD Ministry should know that this is not an agenda for election campaign. This is not the right time during the proceedings of final examination to make such announcement. If they think SAT is much better than CBSE 12th evaluation, they could have announced well in advance to tell our students community for putting more efforts on the requisites. Without making any indication for such influence in the original education evaluation pattern, Can we call this action a menacing one?

  19. so should i fill in the sat registration … or should i wait for some other announcement …also if i give my sat exam in june(5th ) june cani still make it for this year session?

    • CBSE scores wouldn’t be considered at all. All those who want admissions to NITs/IIITs/PEC would have to give SAT II exam. Please read following clause of NITK notice

      Attention of all interested students is drawn to the revised procedure of drawing the Merit list for allotment of branches and Institutes based on Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT II) subject scores only (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Level 2).

  20. Respected Sir Mr. Raj,

    Your blog is just amazing. I have become a regular visitor of your blog. Thanks for helping us all. I am a 12th standard student studying in Muscat, Oman in a CBSE affiliated school. I am writing my boards this year. It would be great if you could help me in getting some information about some good engineering colleges in Delhi as i will be applying as an NRI candidate.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Dear Rishab,
      Two good colleges in Delhi are DCE and NSIT, but they don’t have NRI seats. Since other Delhi engg colleges do not rank in top 50 engg colleges of India, I would not like to suggest or comment anything.

  21. Dear Raj,

    NIT Suratkal website has latest update on DASA 2010: Admissions based on SAT Subject tests!

    Detailed admission procedure is awaited but 12th CBSE exam score seems no more relevant for any admissions.

    Your thoughts & guidance is requested for the SAT subject test preparations & different approach for Subject SAT Vis a Vis CBSE Board / AIEEE / JEE exams.

    Thanks & Best Regards

    Atul D

    • Dear Atul,
      Thanks a lot for your quick note (I had gone to a desert camp when all this got published). We have got some air about the changes two days back when we had written in one of the comments (10 March 10, 4.42 PM)
      “One thing I can say is that scheme is going to go ahead in some form- to be implemented by some central govt agency/EdCIL/NIT-XYZ. There could be some changes in the rules and implementation and this is why it is taking some time in HRD ministry.

      Going for a SAT II test for merit list is a quantum jump and should have been notified earlier so that everyone would have been prepared for this. Our HRD minister is always in hurry (as everyone knows) but I feel sorry for the parents and students alike for this earthquake in their life. However, we are with all such parents and would strive to provide all informations to crack this exam. I have a post on SAT exam but that’s more on SAT I exam but DASA is asking for SAT II Subject Tests. Please allow us some time to sharpen our tools for this new animal called SAT II exam in NRIs life.
      “Together we shall overcome- Some day”

  22. My son is appearing Grade XII CBSE Board Exams and would be interested in knowing more on the Admission Criteria for Chemical/Petroleum/Mechanical Engineering, its on line form (Doha based) under the DASA Scheme.
    Abid Bohra – State of Qatar

    • Dear Abid,
      Please go thru DASA prospectus for last year (under DASA page of this website)to know more details about criteria and where to apply. We would publish the admission procedure when it is notified for this year

  23. Dear Sir,

    I happened to stumble upon your blog and I must say it is very informative. My son is appearing for the XII CBSE board exams now. I would like to know what is the cut off % marks for admissions in NIT -Surathkal and NIT Trichy for ECM, EEE, Mechanical streams under DASA and similarly the AIEEE cut off rank for these streams in these colleges. Could you help me in this regard.

    Thanks and regards,


    • Dear Nadkarni,
      For AIEEE, your son needs to get a rank below 4000 for colleges/branches noted. For DASA the info has been sent.

  24. Dear Raj,

    Great website!
    My son is a PIO card holder and currently appearing for 10th ICSE exams. He is planning to take Karnataka PUC for 12th. Will he qualify for a seat under DASA scheme? Can you let me know what are the cut off percentages for mechanical engineering course under DASA scheme in various colleges?


    • Dear Ajay.
      Since your son is a foreign national for DASA scheme, it does not matter where he does his 11/12th. He would qualify for dasa scheme. Required info has been sent.

  25. Dear Raj,

    Stumbled upon your website accidentally and got information which I have been looking for quite sometime on DASA & NRI quota, many thanks indeed. Can you please advise on the following:

    1) Which are the top 5 NITs (with branches & %PCM), preferred by NRI candidates (including NRI quota of Trichy). Do you think there is a chance if %PCM is between 85 to 90, in these NITs
    2) Has Delhi College of Engineering NRI quota?
    3) Do you have information on NUS & NTU of Singapore? What %PCM required for those universities (engineering)?
    4) What is your opinion regarding twinning programme offered by Manipal University vis--vis NITs / VIT?

    Best regards

    • Dear Murthy,
      Please find itemwise response as below
      1) 5 best DASA institutes NIT-Surathkal, Trichy, Calicut, Warangal and PEC-Chandi. Mostly branches follow college rankings. PCM% info data from previous year posted to you.
      2) DCE has no NRI quota (1 seat per branch for central govt officials posted overseas, thru MEA ministry)
      3) In India those who get IIT rank poorer than 4000 (AIEEE 5000) and cannot get a good branch in good institute opt for singapore (offcourse for them money is not a big issue). Please note singapore univs look for sound academics throughout and CBSE PCM% well over 90%. We have prospectus of singapore univ for queries like yours put on this website.
      4) If one can get a good branch in one of the top 5-6 NIT, there is no need to look at Manipal. Please look at the respective rankings of these colleges on this website.

  26. Dear Raj

    I am one of the parent, who is planning to send the child to india for engineering education in this year. Since my child has studied entire schooling in UAE, i was searching for suitable information on DASA and NRI quotas in south indian colleges. In all my searches for last few months, your site provided me with a complete comprehensive information on DASA. My thanks and appreciations for your efforts in this direction.

    My kid is keen on mech and prefer colleges in and around hyderabad & bangalore. NIT Warangal is our first option. Going through the correpondences in your site i got some idea of PCM% requirement for NITW. May i request recent PCM% for DASA to make up our decision.

    Best regards

    • Dear Mr. Sharma,
      Thanks for your complements. The required info has been sent. NIT-W is number one NIT as per AIEEE candidates pref (however not top choice under DASA for some reasons).

  27. Hi,
    Thanks for the post.
    Have they released the prospectus/details for DASA admissions 2010-11. Heard they are moyfying the scheme. Please post if you have any info.

    • Dear Sunny,
      On DASA scheme 2010, there is no official noticification as of current time. I have heard few things but don’t want to unnecessarily spread rumours. One thing I can say is that scheme is going to go ahead in some form- to be implemented by some central govt agency/EdCIL/NIT-XYZ. There could be some changes in the rules and implementation and this is why it is taking some time in HRD ministry.


    • Dear Bivha,
      There is no separate quota for girls (hope to have some quota a decade later as more women will go to Indian parliament and assembly as new bill has been passed by upper house today).
      I am sending you a list from which you can decide your options for colleges.
      Good luck


    • Dear Viba,
      All NITs have girls hostel (there are no separate girls hostel for foreigners- some colleges do have international hostel for boys but girls hostel are same as that of resident indians). I guess you are referring best DASA college for computers branch- NIT-Trichy, Surathkal,Warangal, Calicut,PEC, MNNIT-Allah are some good colleges for CSE. For doing MBBS, there is no similar scheme like DASA.
      Good luck

  30. Sir ,
    I would like to take up the course of mechanical engineering,Which college with NRI quota would you recommend?
    Which NIT would you recommend out of these for mechanical engineering:
    NIT Surat.
    NIT Nagpur
    NIT Bhopal

  31. Dear Sir,
    My son is currently writing CBSE XII exam from Dubai and after board exam, plans to go all out for AIEEE preparation for next 3 weeks. I have gone through your article on How to Crack AIEEE on the blog, but would like to take your guidance on how to best prepare in this 3 weeks after CBSE XII.

    • Dear Ganesh,
      This 25-30 day period after board exam and before AIEEE is like last lap of marathon. Anyone who has done it will tell that this is the time when most athletes are tired and dehydrated after running long distance. At the same time, this is the time that differentiates winners from also ran as some athletes draw their reserve of energy and motivation and cross the line with smile.
      Just doing some basics goes a long way during these last days- remember one has to study the smart way and not necessarily the hard-way
      1) Plan your Revisions: Make a practical and sound revision plan. This means dividing the available 20-30 days into two time frame, first time slot of 2 weeks and last slot of one week. Utilize first time slot for studies and last one for revising the formulas and important points. Now fill the time slots with subjects/topics and set key milestones. Study all the 3 subject every day. Concentrate on the topics that have more weightage in the exam.
      2) After the revision plan is made, take a diagnostic test/mock test and try to find out your approx ranking in the exam (few companies have good rank predictors to understand where one stands in the race a couple of weeks ahead). Identify your weaknesses and strengths. Work towards your strengths ie. devote more time to your strengths to be 100% sure and confident. In the last time frame of one week, dont take-up anything new, just revise what you have studied before.
      3) Be battle-ready with quality mock tests in between to implement your winning strategy (marathon athletes keep practicing/mocking about half the race distance every few weeks). 100percetile and brilliant have some good mock tests. This will help to check accuracy, speed, strengths and weaknesses.
      4) During your preparations, make a log of Lessons Learnt . It is specific to each individual as to where the person is being most efficient and least efficient. Three things are important- what is working, what’s not working and how would you like to do in your next mock test.
      5) Remember, the exam is not a matter of life and death. Do not allow panic and pressure to create confusion. Follow KISS (Keep it Simple and Straightforward) concept during studies at this time.
      6) Stay positive, do some yoga and prayers. Enjoy this time with studies as it will never come back

      Just forget your body pain like marathon athletes, bring spring to your legs and leave everyone behind. The winners come across the line with a big smile on their face.

  32. oh great thanx for the info! … also can u tell me what do people on an average prefer to take as in computer technology mechanical or electrical
    i am concerned for north or more specific pec

    can you please tell me good colleges in north zone i live in chandigarh
    thank you , you have been a great great help sir

    • Under DASA scheme, PEC is the best college in north India followed up closely by NIT-Allah and then IIIT-Allah, NIT Jaipur and Kuru (please note AIEEE ranking is bit different for these colleges). As for branches, ECE=CSE>Mech>EE.

  33. oh i c thanx! but even if i dont get the card if i get a printed copy of my result signed and attested from the cbse office will it do?

    • Dear Tarun,
      Last year CBSE XII result was announced on 22 May and students had their orig. marksheet well before 10 June. More than 50% of DASA candidates are from CBSE board and DASA dates are basically fixed to match CBSE exam.
      Hope this helps.

  34. cbse result comes out in may last week can i still apply for dasa as i think they take about a month to give the score cards

    • Dear Tarun,
      In 2009, the last date for DASA form submission was 30 June. You would have sufficient time to get CBSE report card and submit the form to EdCIL.

  35. Dear Sir,

    Greetings. Please accept our gratitude to you and your wife for giving us this very important information on net.

    We wish to seek your guidance for admissions to NIT’s for our son who is pursuing GCE A Level under UK Syllabus (equivalent to +2 in India). He is studying in Nairobi, Kenya, from class 3 onwards. He has taken Physics, Chemistry and Maths. He will be appearing for his final exams in June 2010 and results are expected by 20th Aug 2010. He has got 5A* , 3A’s and 1 C for his O level. He scored 4A’s in AS Level.

    Please let us know if he can appear for DASA scholarship exam and if he has chances of getting seat in NIT Calicut, NIT Suratkkal and NIT Trichy. When can we expect notification for application forms for NIT’s? Can we apply separately to NIT Trichy? Which branches are best in NIT Trichy and Calicut?

    With Best Regards


    • Dear Satish,
      Thanks for your complements. I am afraid to say that if the result of your son is going to come out in the month of August, then he would not be eligible to apply for SPDC, DASA scheme and any other scheme for 2010-11 session. However, if you so prefer, you can apply next year. It will make to harm if you get it checked thru EdCIL.
      As per pref of AIEEE qualifying candidates, ECE/CSE/EEE/Mech are most preferred and are best branches for the colleges you mentioned.

  36. Great work….your website is extermely useful specially for NRIs in gulf region.
    Dear Sir, my son is appearing in March-2010 XII std. exam, It would be of great help if we can know the cut off % in PCM for DASA Quota in NIT Surtkal for COMPUTER SCIENCE for the year 2009-2010.
    Also if you can recommend any good engineering collage in Mangalore or Udupi area. We are expecting 75-85% in PCM.

    Thanks & best regards.

    Irfan Shaikh

    • Dear Irfan,
      For CSE in NIT-Surathkal about 95% is required in PCM. If your son qualify for DASA, i recommend to stick with NITs/PEC since these institutes are highly ranked. Please check the file I sent to you.

  37. Dear Mr. Raj,

    I was delighted to discover your blog today and read everything related to DASA in it. I knew about DASA from one year and we wish to avail the scheme for my son who is appearing for 12th this year. He has studied last 4 years in UAE , so we know he is eligible for DASA.

    My request to you is different. You are giving advise for top end students but my son is expected to get around 75-80 % in PCM. He is keen to do either mechanical or civil engineering . I know for mechanical branch thro DASA it is difficult but civil may be possible. We are ready even for private colleges. What is your advise out of following three choices :
    1. VNIT , Nagpur
    2. VIT Vellore
    3. MIT, Pune.

    Please advise

    • Dear Chetan,
      Thanks for being on board and please note that this blog is meant for all (and not only top end students). We do try to motivate students to perform better and not remain content with 70-80% marks- and we hope to continue to contribute positively in that regard.
      Our policy on this board is not to discuss options for low PCM % range because of sensitive nature of DASA scheme, however we send out the pdf file so that to give a big picture of the scene.
      From your list, first two choices are good. Again, please refer to India Today list of 50 best engg colleges to know where these and other colleges stand.

  38. Dear Sir,

    I have been following your blog and it keeps me enlightening on various options available for NRI students. My son is an NRI but we want to try in AIEEE merit quota also, along with DASA. Our passport address is of Mumbai as i was previously working there but we are basically from south and have base in Chennai as well as in Mysore. Should i change my residential address and participate in AIEEE from these southern cities so that my son have a try at NITT ot NITK?

    • Dear Krishnan,
      For AIEEE, each NIT has 50% quota for own state rankers and 50% for All India Rank (while IIITs and other AIEEE institutes admit candidates on the basis of only All India Rank)
      “Indian nationals passing the equivalent qualifying examination from any institution abroad, the State of Eligibility will be determined on the basis of permanent address given in the Passport of the candidate.”
      As for your query, it is somewhat advantageous if the permanent address in the passport belongs to a state where your target NIT is located. However, the home state rank criteria for NITs is under review and may be changed once all states have one NIT located within it. Till then, you may proceed for change of address in the passport (please share with everyone on this blog how easy or difficult it is to change the address on passport).
      Good luck.

  39. Dear Raj

    I would say you are doing an immense job in collating observations on education opportunities in India coming from different geographies and informing the value of our Indian education system to NRI community. If you have any statistics (top rank schools, most wanted branches, cut off PCM ) for the previous years to know this year prospects, please share it with us (I have given my gmail id). I have a few questions:

    My son is writing CBSE 12th exam in Kuwait. He has passion for Computer Science and Engineering.
    1. What is your advice on choosing the right branch to a student capable of getting 85 to 90% in PCM and 90 to 95% in Computers with a lot of interests in Computers followed by Mechanical and Chemical opportunities?
    2. How do you rate the education in Singapore for undergraduate students – on all aspects of academic, research and entrepreneurial skills available? Our Indian education system is yet to focus on the research and entrepreneurial spirit. Only a few universities/institutions in India have a value education on that aspect. If you feel this question (2) is unrelated to this blog, please ignore Q2.

    • Dera Mani,
      Please find below response on two points
      1) As I have stated earlier, Computers is a pretty good branch, especially so if someone has great interest in it. It is also not difficult branch in terms of curriculam and fits well with NRI attitude. However, since CSE graduates face competition from other branches as well for jobs, one should really do well to remain in the upper band of batch and the rewards are obviously great.
      2) As you have noted, Singapore insitutes would be better in terms of research facilities. However, I am firm beliver that any institute is as good as the students that constitute it. The cream that comes out of IIT JEE and AIEEE is simply great (measurable in terms of % of students who qualify in the exam). The quality of students and the competitive sprit that goes with it, make the UG courses in India quite formidable. Same is not true with MTech/PhD.

  40. Dear Raj,

    Wonderful site with full of useful information. Thakyou for your service to the NRI community. My son is now appearing in his 12th board exams and hoping to get seat in NITs through DASA quota. Prefered college is NITK. I have following 2 questions:

    1. My son is a bit confused in branch selection between Chemical and Mech. Advise from your side?

    2. You did indicate the following. Can you kindly elaborate on this.

    “one should fill-up 15 choices in DASA application form smartly to get the best institue/branch out of your PCM % in CBSE XII exam. Another helpful suggestion I can make is to utilize 1st Re-Allocation facility provided by EdCIL so that you can get good college on ‘sliding basis’ even if you are not top flyer in CBSE XII exam.”

    • Dear Venkat,
      Thanks for your complements and a useful query (refer part 2 of your query)
      1) Out of your two choices, my preference is for mechanical for the following reasons 1) Mech branch is like ‘potato’ amongst vegetables signifying the fact that the person can fit into various roles in the industry and the branch has very good demand (both numbers and package size) in India and abroad and; 2) An indicator to point 1 is the fact that AIEEE successful candidates prefer Mech over Chem during counselling, 3) Glance over the placement records of NITs for 2009-2010 and try to figure out the median salary package and you would be surprised Mech is something close to CSE/ECE. However, if someone’s chemistry fits pretty well with Chemical- well no thinking back-go with Chem
      (I acknowledge that I am being partisan here as I am Mech engineer but had your query been which branch is best for best students- I would say Computers- again for the above noted 3 reasons and added 4th point being better future prospects. I admit that branch selection is a very personal decision based on so many things and everyone is entitled for a personal opinion).
      2) You have picked up a very good point from one of the post on the blog in filling-up DASA form . Suppose someone gets 80% in PCM and by filling the choices for high demand dasa NITs (K,T, C &W), one would have to settle with lower demand branches. However, if you look beyond these top 4 NITs, you can get the branch of your choice even with 80%. Moreover, by opting for first-reallocation with EdcIL, chances are you can get a better branch in case dasa candidates from high demand branches drop out (to say study abroad or in case the person gets a normal seat thru AIEEE). In AIEEE terminology, drop-outs high demand seat being filled with lower branch candidate is called ‘sliding’. Please let me know if this satisfies youR query.
      Again I wish all the best for your son’s on-going board exam.

  41. My son is permanent resident of canada. He has done his 11. 12 from canada.
    But he did 10th from India. Is he still eligible for the nri quota in pec chandigarh, thapar?

    • Dear Manjinder,

      In case your son has Canadian passport, he is eligible for DASA scheme (NITs, PEC). In case, he just has PR with Indian passport, he is only eligible for NRI quota (by doing 11/12 from overseas). NRI quota is available in Thapar and in your case you are also eligible for NIT-Trichy which has both DASA and NRI quota (11/12 from abroad).
      Good luck.

    • Dear Susan,

      The noticification for DASA Scheme 2010-11 has not been published as of date. The HRD ministry approval for the scheme is being awaited as of now and we would would provide a flash news on this board as soon as the scheme is announced.
      Keep tuned.

  42. Dear Raj,

    Please throw some light on the donation required to be extended to Private collges like Thapar and other good colleges for NRI sponsored engineering courses.

    And also on govt. recognition of Amity University…. how do you rate B.Tech from amity?

    Thanks in anticipation….!

    • Dear Ashu,
      The fee in the best private engg colleges like Thapar/VIT for NRIs is about $8k per year. Other lesser branded colleges charge between $5-7K.
      When we have so many choices for NRIs, why settle for Amity which doesn’t appear in top 50 engg colleges in many surveys (please refer the ranking under NRI Quota page if anyone is really looking for good colleges and not good locations).

  43. Dear Sir,
    Appreciate your efforts for developing this excellent site to get informative details for pursuing higher education by NRI students.

    Can you let me know the admission process to BIT-Mesra for NRI students through AIEEE. My son has studied abroad for only two years. Can he apply to this institute under NRI quota through AIEEE. How do you rate Thapar college, BIT-Mesra & VIT-Vellore for E&C branch. How much score is required to get admission to Thapar college/BIT-Mesra?



    • Dear Shiv,
      Let me first clarify- there is no NRI quota under AIEEE. If there is any quota for NRI, there is no need to appear for AIEEE.
      1)The BIT-Mesra rules for NRI quota are bit stringent and can be referred at following website page: http://www.bitmesra.ac.in/admission/Conditions_of_Eligibility_for_NRI_SFFS_Students,_other_criteria.htm
      a) The candidate must be Son or Daughter of an NRI / a PIO / or a foreign national, and / or must have obtained prescribed qualification from a School / College located abroad, or
      b) The candidate must have stayed abroad for at least five years during the preceding eight years from the year of admission,
      One need not be expert in English to conclude that the rules are confusing under section a) (since so many and/or are used that one needs to directly clarify from BIT-Mesra at the website referred above.)
      2) All the 3 colleges are very good colleges as they appear in top 25 Engg colleges in India. One can get admissions in good branches in these colleges under NRI quota with about 85-90% in PCM (lower branches with still lower marks).

  44. sir,
    i live in north india and aim for pec university chandigarh, nit kurushetra and nit jalandhar
    what is the minimum percentage i should hunt for ?

    • Dear Tarun,

      Try to get about 85-90% in PCM for PEC-Chandigarh. For your case, preference should go for PEC, keeping NIT-Kuru as standby (demand for NIT-Kuru is not high in DASA and you should get it in any case).

  45. sir i read this on the edcilindia website

    2) Eligibility Criteria for Admission:

    (a) Age: Maximum age limit is 25 years as on 1st October of that particular year.

    (b) Residence:
    Candidates must be Foreign Nationals/Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) studying in any country (including India).
    Indian Nationals studying abroad. (The Indian Nationals must have had at least 3 (three) years of education in a foreign country during the last 6 (six) years and must pass the qualifying examination (inclusive of 11th & 12th standard or equivalent) from abroad only)

    here residence says including india … for foreign nationals which i am how ever i was an indian national then i would need the requirements you mentioned isnt it so?

    • Dear Tarun,
      I agree with you. Since you are not ‘Indian National’ anymore, as per rules it shouldn’t matter where you are studying (i.e India or abroad). However, I would suggest you to get in touch with EdCIL and clarify from ‘horse’s mouth’.

      • i did try for the same
        from like two months they keep saying wait for the new scheme it is in ministry for approval