IIIT-Delhi: A good option for CSE

Why to Choose IIIT-Delhi for CSE?

This blog article is for those students who are passionate about CSE/IT branch but don’t expect to get CSE branch in any reputed IITs or IIIT Hyd. IIIT-Delhi is one of the best institute for CSE in India for its awsome faculty that boasts of 22 professors who have done their PhD overseas in the best of world renowned institutes.

If below criteria fit well with you, you have a right match in IIIT-D

1)    If you are a knowledge-seeker and would try to achieve excellence in CSE field by learning from top class faculty that is available in India (US-style education)

2)    If you plan to pursue MTech/MS in one of top international university

3)    If you dream of working in one of the top international/Indian IT company

4)    If you are looking for a institute that has good quality of infrastructure (labs, equipment) and good industry interface

5)    If you don’t wish to waste first two years of college attending metal shop, chemistry practical, engg drawing while the main thing that excites you is computer –related topics.

6)    If you value decent hostel facilities (with ACs) in a metro city and are willing to pay for it.

7)    If you are willing to work REALLY hard to achieve your goals for life

Short Answer: Choose IIIT Delhi – CSE branch for a) excellent faculty, b) research opportunities, c) planning to do MS, d) to learn REAL computer engineering, e) very good placement, f) wish to seek good hostel facilities in a metro city.

Long Answer:

In the Bollywood movie “3 Idiots”, Aamir Khan has given the most important life- lessons for all engineering aspirants:

बच्चा , कामयाब होने के लिए नही, काबिल होने के लिए पढ़ो, कामयाबी झक मार के पीछे आएगी !

"Don't run behind success. Try to achieve excellence… success will come looking for you".

In our daily rat-race, we often run behind success even if it means taking a few shortcuts- many a times even at the cost of excellence. Achieving excellence is not easy and neither can it be achieved by shortcuts. In fact, excellence is the product of a conscious effort of hard work, diligence, perseverance, and consistency to stand out in any field.

IIIT-D is one institute in CSE field that is striving to achieve excellence in the CSE field in India. In a relatively short time, it has earned a good reputation in India and abroad for being a center of quality education and research in IT.

For many students, the only criteria for college selection are a high ranking in IndiaToday College Ranking or JEE Cut-offs. It is an example of running after success and not exploring institutes of excellence (for many it doesn’t matter if the syllabus is out-dated. Faculty is sub-standard, have no interest in teaching, are non-approachable, have sub-standard verbal communication skills and so on).


 Key Highlights of IIIT-Delhi:

1)    IIIT-Delhi stands for Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (aka. IIIT-Delhi or IIIT-D). IIIT-Delhi was created as a State University by an act of Delhi Government empowering it to do research and development and grant degrees. IIIT-Delhi was officially established on 10th June, 2008 in the Delhi Gazette. The institute is recognized as an Institute of national Importance by AICTE,


2)    Faculty: The institute has one of the best CSE faculties in the country- a total of 27 PhDs. A total of 22 PhD from world renowned universities. The minimum qualification required to teach here is a PhD from an internationally reputed institute. Now please try to find out any of the reputable institute outside old IITs/IIIT-Hyd that can match this faculty. Here is the numbers of PhD for some of reputed CSE programs: NIT-W: 12, MNNIT: 11, NSIT: 7, DTU: 5. The PhDs in these institutes are mainly done in India and not in the world renowned universities as is the case in case of IIIT-Delhi (22 overseas PhDs). Only IIIT Hyd can match the faculty quality of IIIT Delhi, outside of IIT system.

If the number of PhDs or the quality of their PhDs is left alone for a moment, the faulty is young, motivated, inspiring, have a mission and most importantly student-friendly & approachable. The environment of institute has a touch of missionary passion, primarily due to its renowned and visionary Director, Mr Pankaj Jalote. Mr Jalote has authored many software engineering books which have been translated in many languages and has both worked and taught in US and Indian institutes and companies like Microsoft Corp-Redmond.

3)    Placement: The overseas offers from the institute exceeded 15% of the batch and average BTech salary was Rs. 13.57 lacs. This is the statistics for just the 3rd pass-out batch from institute. The potential of a college is not what it is today but what it could develop in next 5 years.

The institute has an excellent, highly efficient placement cell, and have a pretty awesome reputation when it comes to computer engineering. Placement statistics are available at below link:

Companies that visit the campus for placement include Google, Microsoft, Xerox, IBM, Adobe, Works Applications, IBM, Amazon, Accenture, Oracle, Samsung, EPIC and others.


4)    Expert’s Take on IIIT-D: Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi, renowned academician and professor at IIT-Kanpur ranks IIIT-Delhi, second only after IIIT-Hyderabad among best non IIT institutes in India to study CS/IT. Please follow below blog link of Dr Sanghi (this blog is just fantastic- must read to say the least)

My List of Recommended CS/IT outside IIT System

External Perception of experts in the field about IIIT-Delhi


The Managing Director of Microsoft Research India, P. Anandan, rates Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (IIIT-Delhi),  in the same league as the IITs. He insists others such as International Institute of Information technology in Hyderabad are also in that league. Please refer below article in BusinessIndia for the same:


5)   Students Take on IIIT-D

The below blog articles by the students of IIIT-Delhi gives deep insight into the institute

IIIT-Delhi – A three year update

Pick IIIT Delhi. Seriously.

A Ginormous Post About My College


 6)    Research opportunities – This is one of the USP and the key differentiator of this institute from other ‘top’ ranking institutes. IIIT-D can be considered one of the best provider of research opportunities along with the exposure to the real IT world. A lot of students desirous of doing MS in USA turn to this institute for summer internships.

The institute environment is very research oriented and academic with new-age professors looking to excel in their respective fields carrying the students with them.

Undergrads are encouraged to work on solid research projects. The professors with PhDs from institutes of repute from around the world, are very active in their research. Since they're very well-versed with their respective sub-fields of CS, they're all pretty good at teaching as well. The professors take interest, have excellent credentials and help students throughout the semesters.

7)   Streamlined curriculum

IIIT-D has a comprehensive, regularly updated program. The content and structure of each course is left up to the professor teaching it. Evaluation for most courses is continuous, and grading is relative. The students don't study physics and chemistry because it's not required for advanced studies in CSE, and focus instead on courses that you'll generally find in the third year of most CS undergraduate programs.

In many ‘top’ raking institutes, the course for CSE hasn't been updated in a while. Course content is fixed and rarely changes from semester to semester. Evaluation is heavily dependent on the end semester exams, and grading is absolute. Students spend the first few semesters doing rather irrelevant courses like physics, chemistry, metal works in workshops, etc. Mugging the relevant portion of the syllabus and scoring high marks is an example of running after success and not achieving excellence. These institutes are a good place only because of students, not for the professors or the administration.

8)   Hostel Facilities:

The institute has two hostels, one for the boys having 372 seats and another for the girls with 164 seats. Each room in both the hostels is provided with a cot, a table, a chair, a bookshelf, a ceiling fan and also AC, which is functional from 8.30 PM to 8 AM. Internet connectivity too has been extended to the hostels. The common rooms have all regular newspapers and computer-related magazines apart from TV and carrom boards.

Single room facility is also available in the campus at a charge of Rs 50,000 per year for 3/4th year students. To keep the campus well maintained, a Campus Maintenance FEE of Rs15,000 is also charged. This is a far cry from some of the ‘top’ ranking colleges where there are struggles for basic necessities (water-shortages, long power cuts, ‘shitty’ bathrooms, dog/cow infested campus, ‘messy’ messes).

There is no ragging in the campus (even on the name of 'interaction' or 'healthy introduction' that is prevalent in IIIT-Hyd.)

There is a HDFC ATM located in the Canteen/Mess building. A general store housing common stationary and eatables is also located in the same building. Apart from a common mess for boys/girls, there is a canteen if you don't like mess food on any day.

9)   IT Infrastructure:

Internet Access: Through a 1 Gbps Internet leasedline. Internet connection range is provided through both Lan and Wi-Fi  in all blocks inclusive of residences, academic, dinning, library and hostels.

Computer Labs: Data Structures and Algorithm, Computer Organization, Animation and Graphics, Computer Networks

10)  Location: The institute is very well located in south Delhi near Nehru Place. Govindpuri Metro station is at a 5 minute walk. The insitute is located in institutional area and has stable power and water supply (unlike few institutes that see 4-8 hours of power cuts and water shortages; just to emaphasize- power cuts reults in water shortages and that means terrible/unusable bathroom conditions). The institute offers shared AC rooms. I could not find any of the top govt institute that can even come closer in this aspect. Student life in many top colleges  is synonyms with horrible hostel life (especially cramped girls hostels) and forcing our sons/daughters to lead a life of village boys and village girls (not joking- salwaar kameez as a dress code!).

To provide good quality hostel life and academic environment, the fees charged by the institute is almost double of other govt institutes (Rs 180,000 per year tuition fee). Those who can afford this, need not look elsewhere for a good CSE program.


If you are born for CSE…… IIIT-D Hai Right Choice! (if you can't get into IITs or IIIT-Hyd)

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