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There are 3 ways in which children of NRIs can be admitted to engg institutes in India. NRI students desirous of seeking MBBS admissions in medical colleges have only one way to get admitted- private medical colleges under NRI Quota (there is a separate post on this topic here) . Following discussions is useful for engineering admissions:

1) The DASA scheme for NRIs in NITs: Main criteria is that the NRI student has to study 2 years (11th and 12th) outside india, get SAT 2(Subject Tests) score above 1440 in physics, chemistry & Maths and pass 12th qualifying exam with min. 60% marks. More than 30 reputed NITs, IIIT and PEC are covered under this scheme. Annual fee is about $7000.

The details of DASA Scheme 2010-11 has been published by NIT-Surathkal and details are available at separate post link per below

DASA Scheme 2014-15 Admission to NITs for NRIs-Brochure

The list of colleges/institutes under this scheme, number of seats/branches for each institute and the application form can be downloaded from DASA/NRI Quota . The admissions to IITs is not applicable under DASA Scheme or NRI Quota or any other scheme. The admissions to IIIT Hyd is conducted separately , also called DASA Scheme by IIIT-Hyd, for which the details are available here.

2) NRI Quota: The key criteria is that the student has to to pass 11 & 12 from outside india with min 60% marks. VIT, PSG College, Thapar Institute-Patiala, RV College, DAI-IT-Ghandinagar, VJTI and Manipal are some of the other reputed colleges with NRI Quota (However, the fee varies from $8000 to $11000 per year). For more information on NRI Quota, please visit DASA/NRI Quota section of this website.

3) NRI sponsored Quota: The key difference being the NRI sponsored student need not pass 11 & 12th from outside india. The sponsor (father/mother/brother/sister) should be an NRI as per IT rules. Many private colleges (including VIT-Vellore) have few seats under this scheme. NO NIT has this quota. Please see below list of prominent private Institutes with whom EdCIL has MOU and offer NRI Quota including NRI sponsored category. However, it is advisable to contact these institutes to confirm if they still have a valid MOU for NRI Quota. The annual fee for NRI Sponsored Quota can range between US$7000 (RV College Bangalore), VIT-Vellore ($9000) to US$9000 (Thapar -Patiala)

NRI Sponsored Quota: List of Institutions (Arts/Science/Law) having MOU with EdCIL (Refer Appendix-C)

Now, list of NITs most preffered by NRIs (in the order of ranking under DASA scheme)

DTU, NIT-Surathkal, NIT-Trichy, NIT-Warangal, NIT-Calicut, IIIT-Delhi, PEC, MNNIT-Allahabad and IIIT-Allahabad are the most popular per previous years preference by NRIs/PIOs.


The above list is followed by NIT -Jaipur, MANIT-Bhopal, VNIT-Nagpur, NIT-Kuru, NIT-Rourkela, SVNIT-Surat, NIT-Durgapur and NIT Jalandhar.



Starting from 2010, DASA scheme merit list would be based on SAT II scores in Maths II, Physics and Chemistry. It would be prudent to score in excess of 730(out of 800) in each of the 3 subjects in SAT II to have any hope of getting the branch and college of your choice.


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  1. Dear Ram,
    It is indeed frustrating not being listed in DASA Appendix for equivalent qualification. However, the ‘equivalent’ qualifications are adjudged by Association of Indian Universities and you may contact them also at below link
    Association of Indian Universities (AIU) : http://www.aiuweb.org/

    Moreover, you can also write to Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada (AUCC) asking why the diploma is not acknowledged by AIU. By the way, AIU has a MOU with AUCC and things should be easier.

  2. Dear Mr. Raj,

    Firstly, may Almighty God bless you for providing a much needed service for ignorant NRI’s like me. Your site truly provides so much info. that it’s quite dizzying. Please advice me on following scenario.

    My son’s thru’ with +2 and expects 85% in PCM CBSE 2010. He is taking SAT2 in May 2010. What is the cut off for Mech. Engg. in NIT’s in South? What other NIT’s are recommended. Is Anna Univ. COE entry possible thru NRI quota with his marks? How sever is ragging in NIT’s particularly in the north? Besides Mech. kindly suggest other similar streams.

    If Anna / NIt does not happen, I am looking at Karunya-CBE or BMS – Bangalore. Should I look for other options? Please help me sir with your valuable advice. Thank you…

    Jacob CJ, Dubai

    • Dear Jacob,
      We are on the same journey and helping each other makes the journey a fun.

      Being the very first time, there is no benchmark for the cut-off. However, my sense is that SAT II sum total score of 2300-2340 would give you
      NIT mech in one of the south NITs. I recommend top 6 NITs (Surathkal, Trichy, Wara, Trichy, Allah, Jaipur), PEC and IIIT-Allah if you have choice. There is not much competition for NRI quota in private/state engg colleges as most people prefer NITs so you should be able to get into Anna. Ragging is now restricted to verbal ‘introduction’ and most senior students are not interested to rag NRIs as they sense trouble with them.

      I would suggest you to stick with one of the NITs because of their high rankings in comparison to private colleges you mentioned. Most of the NRI students can get their chosen branch in DASA provided selection of NIT is done carefully.

  3. Dear Raj
    I stumbled upon this blog and am impressed with your depth of knowledge and the service that you are doing to us parents.
    My son, studying in Dubai has secured admission in a couple of very good (within the top 10) US universities. We had applied on advice of the counselor.
    He is also preparing for the IIT and AIEEE. He wants to do Electrical and Electronics. What is your advice?
    Should he take up the US univ? Do you think the money spent is worth it?
    In case he gets through IIT/AIEEE, how should he choose the colleges?
    In case of DASA (he is eligible for it ) and has excellent SAT II scores, what should he choose?

    Would be grateful for your advice since I read in your earlier posts that you have had experience with US universities.

    • Choosing an US college vs India college depends on so many things that I have noted earlier, so no comments there.
      EE is good branch, however not a top branch but all depends on personal preference.
      In case of selection in IIT/AIEEE, I suggest to choose your branch in a well-defined list of colleges (say top 25). ECE, CSE and mech are most opted branches in DASA.

  4. Dear Raj,

    Thanks for all information provided so far on NRI candidate….!

    Based on the info available … I contatced Registrar Admissions, Thapar University for application of NRI sponsored candidature for my daughter….! Thier website speaks 15% admssion for NRI / FN candidates. But my interest was to know abot NRI sponsored students. As my daughter completed her 12th CBSE recently.

    He informed that since last 2 years Thapars have stopped taking students through NRI sponsored channel and AIEEE ranking is the only channel available for her to get admission in THAPAR.

    Could you please publish an updated list of colleges who admits NRI sponsored students?

    Thanks in anticipation……….

  5. Dear Raj,

    Thanks a ton!

    2. Details of DASA 2010-11 are also published by now and, as you already said, he is still with in the prescribed age limits.

    3. Since AICTE is the competent authority to decide on the eligibility criteria for admission to technical courses in India and my son meets the criteria fixed by them we have a strong case to stake our claim with NITK. Not only AIEEE at least one more institute namely Thapar University, Patiala accepts Biology and IT/Computer in place of Chemistry as the third subject. As advised by you we will take the case with NITK and hope to get a positive response!

    4. In the meantime I shall be grateful if you could let me know the position of seats for NRIs and the fee charged from them in PSG Tech.

    Thanks again and regards


    • Dear Ram,
      To make your case stronger, you may consider applying in B Arch/ B planning as these disciplines only require Maths as qualifying per HRD ministry and high court directive. If you have some resources, also consider filing a case in high court noting why the rules of AICTE and DASA are different. With regard to PSG, I remember one parent who was in touch with PSG and it looks like you would need to contact them personally (as the date of application has goneby- but pl confirm this). The fee would be in the range of US$8K-9K per annum.

  6. Dear Sir,

    I am an MEA official presently posted in Pakistan. Before this I was in Russia from 2000 to 2002 and in USA from 2004 to 2007. My son has been with me during all these years. He did his schooling as under:

    Ist to 3rd : Russia (1995 to 1997)
    4th to 6th : India (1998 to 2000)
    7th & 8th: Russia (2001 & 2002)
    9th & 10th: India (2003 & 2004)
    11th & 12 th : USA (2005 & 2006)

    2. Based on his over 95% score in 12th (American High School Diploma) and an impressive score in SAT he could secure admission in BE (Computer Science) in Texas A & M University at College Station in July 2006. It was our bad luck that he fell sick very often, his grades there also fell drastically (he could earn only 50-60 credits in three years) and we decided to call him back to stay with us here in Pakistan. He has been with us since February 2010. Now he is quite fit and we are led to believe strongly that it was his laziness in preparation of meals etc that made his health deteriorate so often in the past.

    3. First issue is whether he is eligible for admission in BE/B Tech somewhere given his non-performance in TAMU or the gap, if the period from 2006-10 is so treated and his age now (he turned 21 last month).

    4. Second issue is whether he meets the eligibility criteria insofar as the subjects at the qualifying examination is concerned. He studied Physics, Maths and IT/Computer Science in 11th & 12th under the American system. As per AIEEE admission notification for 2010-11 Physics and Maths as compulsory subjects and any one of Chemistry, Information Technology/CVomputer or Biology as optional subject are prescribed by AICTE for eligibility.


    5. At present all our efforts are concentrated on finding ways to rehabilitate him. This is very tragic for us (the MEA employees) that we are not able to take proper care of our own kids for the very nature of our job. He is preparing himself for the coming SAT subject tests in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. We are planning to apply for admission under the MEA quota too but stay quite worried all the time about his career.

    6. I am sure you can suggest the proper way for us to adopt in the given circumstances.

    Thanks in advance and regards


    • Dear Ram,
      I am so moved with your email for the support you have been providing to your son
      Please find itemwise response
      1) The age is below 25 and 4 years gap should not be a issue. 12th marks are very good and can find admissions in best of the private colleges.
      2) Under DASA scheme, chemistry is noted as compulsory subject. This could be an issue with DASA seat.
      I suggest you to contact NITK about your case and they could consider your situation (chemistry subject issue). Moreover, you can apply under state quota (5%) in many states and some of the private colleges under NRI quota. Age or gap years should not be big issue for NRI seats. Please let me know if you have any other specific query where I may be of any help.
      Good luck

  7. i have completed my 12 from india and my father is working in dubai. please notify me on how i can get into nit calicut or puducherry through nri sponsored quota this year.

    • Since you have done your 12th from India, I don’t know any way to get into any of the NITs under NRI quota. You may, however, be eligible as NRI sponsored candidate in many private colleges and some state govt colleges where 5% quota exists for NRI/NRI sponsored category.

  8. Dear sir,

    We got our US citizenship last year (2009). Our daughter is currently in IGCSE – Xth grade, studying in Chennai. She will be completing 5 years of education in Chennai by 2012, when she completes 12th grade. She is planning to take Physics, Chemistry and Biology as Major in +12.

    Is she eligible to take AIPMT and other medical entrance exams in General category? I read some of your answers but confirming as the eligibility requirements for AIPMT said the candidate must be an Indian National.

    Please guide us and what other options does she have?

    Thank you

    • Please find below from AIPMT brochure on Eligibility and Qualification
      “(i) He/She has completed age of 17 years at the time of admission or will complete the age on or before 31st December
      of the year of his/her admission to the 1st year MBBS/BDS Course and is an INDIAN NATIONAL.”
      The only option available is to apply under NRI/Foreign National Quota.

  9. sir,
    thanks for operating such an useful website.

    Sir I have some queries.
    I am a student from Nepal.
    I have cleared my 12th standard in 2007.
    I want to study engineering through DASA scheme.
    I have score following marks in 12 th standard.
    I cleared my Mathematics in 2nd attempt as i was from biology group and it was my extra subject.
    It nepal the result of extra subject doesn’t affect our passing result.

    So, my mathematics score is less than 60 but my aggregate of physics , chemsitry and mathematics
    is 75.33%.
    So, I am confused about my marks in mathematics and my second attempt.
    Am I eligible to apply for DASA Scheme?
    Please reply me sir.
    Its urgent.

    • Dera Amit,

      Following is from NITK notice on DASA eligibility
      “Must have secured minimum of at least 60% aggregate marks or 6.75 CGPA on a 10 Point scale or equivalent grades in all the subjects of the qualifying examination.”
      Since it’s a matter of a budding career, I would not like to comment on something that can be interpreted in different ways. Therefore, my suggestion is that you contact NIT-Surathkal to get the issue clarified. Last year I have seen atleast one candidate who got admitted in DASA scheme who had less than 60% marks in one subject out of PCM.

  10. Dear Sir

    First of all congratulations on such a wonderful blog with so much info.
    Let me get to the point as I would hate to waste your precious time.
    What is the minimum requirement to write SAT II under DASA scheme..
    as in minimum percentage is 60%..Each subject or total percentage of all the 5 subjects of 12th CBSE board exam..

    Thank you in advance..


    • Dear Sunny,
      Please find below info per NITK notice on min % reqd in qualifying exam
      “Must have secured minimum of at least 60% aggregate marks or 6.75 CGPA on a 10 Point scale or equivalent grades in all the subjects of the qualifying examination.”
      So answer is minm 60% in all the five subjects, in case of CBSE board

  11. Branch/College selection is a two variable algebraic equation. For me there is a simple rule, choose your preferred branch in top ranked colleges(say top 25 colleges, or you decide a cut-off rank). This will rule out NIT-Raipur (not making into my top 25 list )but would still leave about 6-8 other top NITs alongwith NITK. The list of top 6-8 NITs is already on this blog.

  12. Dear Sir!

    Latest information about DASA 2010-2011 scheme is available on NIT Sutathkal website

  13. Dear Sir,
    how about mechatronics in Manipal? That option isnt available in the NIT’s !! What does the branch consisit of?

    • Mechatronics is the term coined by the Japanese to describe the integration of mechanical and electronic engineering. Mechatronically governed machines/ manufacturing systems can be considered as a mechanical body governed by an electronic brain.
      I understand no batch has yet passed out from this branch so can’t say if there is a big enough job market in India.

  14. Excellent Job!!!!!!
    Notify me the new devolpments coming up in DASA scheme and cut off SAT score for NITK and PEC Chandigarh.
    Which one do you prefer for Mechanical engineering.. RV college, Manipal, Bits Dubai and Penn State USA? please suggest us becuse we have to send money and acceptance.

    Thank you very much

    • The next development on DASA would be on 1 Apr 10 and we surely will cover the event in our post. There is no historical data for cut-off SAT II marks for DASA as this is the first time. I would prefer not to offer any comments on your query as the listed colleges belong to 3 different countries and the decision in this regard should be based on personal preference, financial background, academic performance of candidate, future goals/plans of immigration and so many other things.

      • Thank you very much!!! so far expecting 85-90% in class 12 boards and one more exam to go. Could you please suggest among these three like RV, Manipal and BITS Dubai which is having good ranking? You are doing an excellent job for the welfare of NRI’s. I really appreciate your efforts.
        Thanks once again